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Soccerlens primarily uses Categories, not Tags in describing / organising content.

Categories are meta-information used to describe the content of your post. So if you’ve written a post about Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson giving Joe Cole a talking to, then the categories Liverpool, Roy Hodgson and Joe Cole should be used.

Cateogories help readers find your content by telling them what it’s about (eg: Liverpool, Roy Hodsgon, Joe Cole) but are also used with Soccerlens to connect related material. For example, if I read this Soccerlens post about Arsenal’s Fanshares system, and then want to read more Arsenal related content, I’d click the Arsenal category link at the bottom of the post, which gives me a list of every Soccerlens article categorised under Arsenal.

To add a category, look beneath the “Category” heading on the right hand side of your page. You’ll find a list of available categories, simply scroll down and tick the boxes that apply.

Read WordPress Codex for more on the difference between tags and categories.

To Recap:

1. Don’t use Tags.
2. Find available Categories using ‘Ctrl-F’ (Find) function on your browser.
3. You can add People / Team / Competition categories if relevant, but make sure you select the right ‘Parent Category’.

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