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save and publishThe options for saving and publishing your post (pictured) can be found in the top right corner of your WordPress Add New Post page, under “Publish”.

Click Save Draft as you write to save a draft of your post. Click Preview to open a preview of your post in a separate window.

Once your post is completed, you’re ready to either submit it for review, or publish directly, depending on your access level.

To submit for review… Next to where it says “Status:”, click Edit. From the dropdown menu, select “Pending Review”, click OK, then click Save as Pending.

To publish… simply click Publish and your post will publish to the site.

To publish at a scheduled time… click Edit next to where it says “Publish immediately” and then select a time and date in the small calendar menu that appears (if you’re outside the UK, remember it’s in UK time). Click OK and then click Schedule.

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