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When writing for Soccerlens, you should be using external sources to gather both news and ideas. You should be reading newspapers like The Guardian and websites like the BBC. It’s important to know how to reference these sources and how to link to them.

When referencing a news story, it’s important to link to that story. Not just because it’s the honest thing to do, but also because it establishes trust with the reader.

The actual technique for inserting hyperlinks is explained in the using WordPress section of this guide. This is a guide to where to place those links.

Don’t use anchor text such as “click here” or “this”. The anchor text (which means: the text that is being used as the link) should be a natural part of your sentence. It should also be just a few words. No more than four or five. Here are three good examples:

1. As I write this, the Arsenal Fan Share website is down, thanks to poor choice of web hosting (they really went cheap here) and a deluge of traffic from excited Arsenal fans thinking that they could finally own a piece of their club now and stop those dirty Russians / Yanks from taking over.

2. Liverpool have reportedly been offered Real Madrid midfielder Mahamadou Diarra, according to Sky Sports.

3. Former Werder Bremen star Diego has returned to the Bundesliga after one season at Juventus, as the Brazil playmaker has signed for VfL Wolfsburg in a deal believed to be worth around €15m.

Notice how all these links are short, do not interfere with the text, and also make it clear what is being linked to.

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