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Hello and welcome to Soccerlens.com.

This is a short, 5-minute designed to get you writing on Soccerlens.com as quickly as possible. Have a read, and then review our Article Checklist once before you start writing on Soccerlens for the first time.

What do we want?

We want you to create amazing articles that people want to read and would love to share with their friends. How do you do this? It’s part science and part art – and the key ingredients are:

– Pick the right topic and story angle.
– Get your timing right – if you’re covering breaking news, ‘break’ it.
– Your job is to give the reader something they can use. It can be emotions – give hope or excitement when you talk about a transfer, or it can be logic and facts – give them the information they need to talk about why things went wrong for their team the next day.
– Create work that is 10 times better than anything else out there.
– Have original ideas and insights into current and popular news.

Any combination and subset of these ingredients will make for a good article. if you can include three of these in your article, you’ve done a great job. Every writer has different strengths and their own style – you will find the combinations and ingredients that work best for you (that’s the art part).

In addition, we also want you to be a part of the Soccerlens community for the long term – talk to other writers and even other site owners through Soccerlens. The more you give to the community in terms of writing well  and sharing other people’s great work, the more you’ll get back in recognition and professional opportunities.

Two more key things to keep in mind:

– Your headlines will make or break your article. We don’t use sub-editors, you are responsible for your own headlines. The biggest investment you can make in yourself as a writer is learning how to write great headlines. Pro tip: Picking great angles and topics is 50% of the job. This is important enough that it merits mentioning separately, even though we cover this in the article checklist. Your headline is 80% of your work – it is the reason people will click on a link. Make it count.

The article checklist is your signpost, your guide in the afterlife and the step-by-step guarantee that you will do well as a journalist. Some of it is specific to Soccerlens but the principles are sound and applicable elsewhere too. Everything is in there for one reason – to help you reach a wider audience.

Sound good? Check out the article checklist next, or get started on sportslens.com/login.

Ahmed Bilal created Sportslens in 2006. He is a business consultant and entrepreneur who helps businesses identify and overcome their biggest challenges. He’s also the founder of Football Media, an online advertising agency that specialises in sports and male audience targeting, with a monthly reach of 100m+ sports fans in the UK and US. He’s also the previous owner of Soccerlens.com – a sports news site that reaches 3m+ readers / month.