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Publishing an article isn’t the only part of writing for Soccerlens. Your comments and social media interactions are as much a part of your brand as a writer as your articles are, and so the best bloggers also know how to engage with an audience via comments and social media.

Remember that as well as representing yourself, you are also representing Soccerlens, so you are expected to represent the site positively and adhere to the Soccerlens comments policy.

This page will explain how to engage with and be a part of the Soccerlens community in a way that benefits both yourself and Soccerlens.

Responding to comments on your own articles
First thing you need to do is get a thick skin. You can’t please all the people all the time, especially if your article expresses a specific opinion. In fact, if everyone agrees with your opinion then the article isn’t much of a conversation starter. So don’t respond angrily to negative comments. You’ll only damage your image.

If the negative comment is plain idiocy with no foundation (for example: “you suck!”) then just ignore it. It will most likely be deleted. If the negative comment is legitimate, and addresses the content of your article then it’s in your interest to respond.

Defend your point and advance the discussion, but remember to stay on topic and keep it polite. Don’t get personal and don’t get angry. Be constructive, be the better person, and you will protect your brand as a writer while starting a potentially fruitful debate on Soccerlens.
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Commenting on other Soccerlens articles
It’s OK to disagree with your fellow Soccerlens writers. In fact it might even be a good thing if you do. But remember to be polite and to the point. Your comment should be intended to start a discussion.

It’s also good to be supportive. Pick up on something you like about the article and point it out. Provide a further example to re-enforce a point made in the article. Offer a humourous response to something in the article.

Remember: What goes around comes around. If you comment on someone else’s article today, then they’re more likely to comment on your article tomorrow.

Social media interaction
If you have a Twitter or Facebook account (and if not, why not?) then you can use those to interact with Soccerlens via social media.

Join in discussions and leave comments on the Soccerlens Facebook page. Post your own articles on your own Facebook page. Post other Soccerlens articles on your own Facebook page. The more the better, but keep Facebook comments short and to the point.

For a good example of how to use Twitter, see @Soccerlens. By tweeting good content, but moreso by regularly responding to other users tweets, @Soccerlens maintains and continues to build a large number of followers.

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