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Adding Images



1. Click the small square within a square button next to where it says “Upload/Insert:”, which you can see in the accompanying image, right.

2. This will open the “Add an Image” window.

3. Click “Select Files” (or “Choose File” if you’re in Browser Uploader mode).

4. Choose the image you want to upload from your computer’s hard drive and double-click it. If you’re in Flash Uploder mode, the image will then upload automatically. If you’re in Browser Uploader mode then you’ll need to click “Upload”.

5. You’ll now see the “Add Image” options:

6. Add a keyword friendly image title in the “Image Title” field. Usually the name of the player, manage or team is the best choice.

7. Choose where your image will be aligned by clicking none, left, right or center.

8. Click “Insert into Post” to add the image.

9. You can also set any of the images in your article as the featured image for your article by clicking the “use as featured image” button in the Add Image Options. You can see the button in the example above, located between “Insert into Post” and “Delete”. The featured image will be the thumbnail for your post, and if your article is selected as a featured article your image will be shown in the features box at the top of the Soccerlens page.

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