World Cup 2006 Predictions

The World Cup is just 2 days away and we have all been focusing on Rooney’s scan (will he make it? I think so, even if Eriksson has stated that Rooney is out of the Paraguay match for sure). While Rooney’s inclusion will greatly boost England’s chances, you have to think that even without boy wonder we have a fairly good chance of reaching the quarters at least. Anything less would be considered an absolute failure.

But that’s just one team – there are 31 others to think about. While we haven’t been covering them over here (although that will change once the World Cup starts), we have been looking at the teams and watching their preparations. And it’s only fair that we (ok, I) put my neck out on this one and make some predictions for the 2006 World Cup.

Are you ready?

If you have trouble understanding the format, please look at this wallchart – I’m working from the second round matches and moving onwards. Reading that table will also give you a clear idea of who I think will win each group and who will be runner-up.

Second Round

  • Germany beats Sweden
  • Argentina beats Mexico
  • England beats Poland
  • Portugal beats Holland
  • Italy beats Croatia
  • France beats Ukraine
  • Brazil beats Czech Republic
  • Spain beats South Korea

Quarter Finals

  • Argentina beats Germany
  • Italy beats France
  • England beats Portugal
  • Brazil beats Spain

Semi Finals

  • Argentina beats Italy
  • England beats Brazil

Third Place Playoff

  • Brazil beats Italy


  • England beats Argentina


Ok, so I don’t seriously expect England to win. But that’s the luck of the draw. England avoid the tough matches till they get to the quarters, and they will hit Portugal with a vengeance. After that, it’s anybody’s game. If Rooney’s back I expect England to beat Brazil (revenge again), and if it’s England vs Argentina…well, we’ve done that one before.

What are your World Cup predictions?