Win a Free Copy of the G-Code

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Most of the time, Big J (of Keeper Skool fame) is out training goalkeeping neophytes in the great Australian Outback but he’s taken some time out to collaborate with Soccerlens on a very special deal.

In short (and keeping it sweet), we’re giving away four (4) gratuit (free, motherfucker, free) copies of the excellent G-Code over the next four weeks in a never-before-seen-and-hidden-from-secret-cameras contest.

The rules are simple – you sign up for the Keeper Skool mailing list, then follow the contest instructions as they are sent to you. Each week there will be a draw (not the Champions League kind, thankfully) in which we’ll choose one lucky winner to get the goalkeeping fitness e-book (G-Code).

A monkey could win this contest, it’s so easy. To get your grubby hands on the G-Code, sign up for the Keeper Skool mailing list and wait for further instructions.

This post will self-destruct in…wait, wrong post 🙂

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