Should Robin van Persie get Manchester United captaincy ahead of Wayne Rooney?

Now that Vidic has played his last game for Manchester United, and with Evra looking like he has done so too, the Red Devils are in need of a new permanent captain.

A well respected Dutch journalist has told SkySports that Robin Van Persie is expected to be given the responsibility and handed the captains armband by soon to be manager Van Gaal.

Could be United's captain next season

Could be United’s captain next season

Pascal Kamperman has spoken out about the relationship the pair have and it is because of this relationship, along with a history of working together, that RVP will be chosen as the main man when the Dutch manager arrives in Manchester.

“At the beginning when van Gaal took over as the head coach of the Dutch national team they had to find their position a little bit. But after that it went really well and Van Persie was very positive about him”.

There has been quite a delay in United announcing the manager. It is said to be one of the worst kept secrets in football but Kamperman insists there is nothing to fear about such delays.

“I think he has an agreement but (talks are ongoing) about the staff and new players. It might take a couple of hours or a couple of days but it will be a done deal.”

Van Persie becoming captain could come as a blow to Wayne Rooney who looked certain to be captain under David Moyes for next season. Much has been written about the duo, some suggesting Rooney performed better this season because he was the main man. Whereas his form suffered the previous campaign because of Van Persie being the figurehead of the team.

Their relationship has been questioned, but Rooney has always branded such claims as “nonsense”. However, it is clear that the pair simply don’t have a natural understanding on the pitch. There have been some games this season where football pundits and journalists have mocked tiny pass rates and minimal interplay between the two strikers.

Van Gaal then has a job on his hands in how he successfully fits both players into the side, he also has Mata and Kagawa who thrive in playing behind a striker. With Rooney earning in the region of £300,000 a week it would be criminal to have him on the bench. With no European games to juggle domestic football with, it is going to be hard to fit everyone in and this will be one of the main problems the Dutch manager faces when he tries to get United back to the top again.

The problem with making Van Persie captain is he isn’t going to be available for every game. If he can keep fit then fair enough, but unfortunately that is an ‘if’. This season he missed roughly half of the games because of injury. Having said that though, Moyes’s training techniques supposedly didn’t help, so training under Van Gaal, with a different approach and better man management, could see the striker play more next campaign.

If he isn’t fit though, then a regular vice captain will have to step in and perhaps this will be Rooney.

Who do you think should be Manchester United’s captain next season? Tell us in the comments below.

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