Will Kaka join Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelsea?

There have been quite a few transfers rumours in recent times but one of the biggest ones has just cropped up; that is, the possible transfer of FIFPro World Player of the Year to an English Premier League side. Only the top four clubs could afford to try and entice the Brazilian to the Premiership, and thus many rumours have come up in the press linking him with Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Arsenal of course have just had the news released about a possible £70 million transfer fund for ‘big name’ players, although given Wenger’s preference for relative unknowns it is unlikely that they will be leading the bidding. Roman Abramovich has always been interested in big name players for Chelsea; after buying the thirty year old Shevchenko from the same club for £30 million he has enough wealth to go back for more. Liverpool have the financial backing of their American owners while Manchester United have always been contenders for the big names in the past- Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Juan Sebastian Veron all costing the club somewhere around the £30 million mark.

Other transfer rumours have linked Kaka with a move to the Spanish La Liga, however as only Real Madrid and Barcelona are capable of buying him there a move to the Premiership seems more likely. Real Madrid do not need such a player after their purchase of Wesley Sneijder in the summer, and while Ramon Calderon’s insistence on getting in Kaka has been emphasized to the extreme the idea of Madrid signing yet another attacking player (considering it’s their defense that is their week point) looks unlikely. Barcelona do not need another attacking player unless they get rid of one of the big four; a sensational swap between the clubs with Eto’o or Ronaldinho going to Milan in exchange for Kaka is possible, but once again unlikely.

As for the English Premier League, I cannot see Liverpool getting Kaka, simply because I doubt the owners will be willing to spend what the Brazilian will cost. Although I doubt he will cost the reported £70 million, and think it will probably be closer to half that, Liverpool already spent big this summer, bringing in the likes of Torres, Babel and Benayoun and them forking out once again seems improbable.

I will rule Arsenal out of the running now; Wenger has never spent over £15 million on a player (Reyes’ final cost was £13.5 million) and I doubt he will ever spend more than £20 million, as he prefers to build his own team from scratch. This leaves Chelsea and Manchester United.

I cannot see Kaka joining Chelsea at this point in time; however should Henk Ten Cate join the club there is a chance he will consider it. Chelsea are boring to watch when compared to Arsenal or Manchester United, however there is a good chance that Ten Cate will completely revamp the club both on and off the pitch. Ten Cate was largely responsible for the fluid attacking football Barcelona played; they have generally not looked as good since his departure.

As for Manchester United, they may be involved if the price stays below £40 million but should it go above that I doubt they will be able to buy him, considering that they spent around £50 million in the summer on Owen Hargreaves, Nani and Anderson.

I do think Kaka will leave AC Milan in the next two years, although who knows what will happen in that time. We could see Barcelona sell off Ronaldinho to the likes of Chelsea or Inter Milan and thus be interested, or Arsenal look to buy Kaka after Cesc Fabregas leaves to Real Madrid for a phenomenal total.

As of now though, I think that it is most likely that Kaka will come to the Premier League should he want to leave the Milan club, and if Chelsea get Ten Cate they look the most probable club to sign him.

How about you? Do you think Manchester United has the funds to splurge on Kaka, or that Arsenal need a big name player? Discuss the rumour and tell me your thoughts by using the comments function below 🙂

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