Why the Kirkby move is great for Everton

Although the poll for Everton’s proposed move to a new stadium in Kirkby was 59% in favor, there is still strong opposition, especially along the lines of Everton “abandoning its social and cultural roots” as a club.

While it’s true that moving out of your city for a new stadium isn’t the best way to go forward (and gives opposition fans cheap material to criticise Everton with), it’s the only option left open to the club if Everton is to successfully compete in Europe and in the top echelons of the Premier League.

Chelsea is a great example of how a club needs to increase it’s revenue base if it wants to compete in the long-run – despite Roman Abramovich’s heavy investing in the club it’s clearly not sustainable and Chelsea are working hard to bring the club to financial independence.

In simple terms: Everton need more money to build a better squad, to attract better players and to achieve the sort of success the big four have become familiar with. The only way to get that money, realistically (I don’t see an Abramovich coming to Everton tomorrow), is to move to a bigger stadium. Arsenal went through the same pains and in the long run they’ll be a much better club for it. Everton must do the same, and while the cost (moving out of the city) is great, the cost of not progressing beyond what Everton has already achieved is even higher.

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