Who’s on your shitlist?

A few days ago I asked SL readers to name the sites they visit and the sites they hate because of their rumours. This whole thing ties up with a discussion (see comments section of that page) we had a long time ago on SL about unreliable football news sources.

The outcome? We now have an official Soccerlens Shitlist – a wall of shame that we can put full-o-crap websites on and warn other people.

Listen – I understand the need to make ends meet – I’ve been there for a long time and in some ways I’m still at that level. I also understand the attraction of the heavy attention your site gets when you publish sensationalist bullshit. But at the end of the day, there’s a difference between consistently lying and trying to keep your nose clean and not mislead your readers.

I’m not going to bash the NewsNow culture where quantity reigns over quality because it works for a lot of people and it makes ends meet. And there’s no point in attacking people personally (although those writers at the Sun and the Guardian know who they are).

Bottom line – head over to the football news shitlist and read about the sites you should stay clear off.

If you’ve got any of your own suggestions to make, please add them to the comments here.

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  1. Grognard 27 June, 2007
  2. Vineesh 27 June, 2007
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  10. FinalScene 14 August, 2007
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