Who Should Newcastle Buy and Sell this Summer?

During this article I will be asking who should Alardyce trying to get rid of at the earliest oppurtunity and what positions need filling and who are the players to fill them.

Newcastle Sales

Firstly I am going to say who I personally feel should be shown the revolving door at St. James Park.

I am Irish and like to see fellow irish men playing at the top level which benefits the national team BUT having said that, Stephen Carr should be sent away on loan or if Newcastle can miraculously find a club clueless enough to slash any amount of cash on him I thing Sam should get rid of him as he can single handedly destroy a defence.

Next up is Emre. Dont get me wrong i think he is a great player but ever since the whole racist alligations surrounding him (which where completely nonsense) he doesnt really seem to be in for the fight. He was notacibly shook by the allegations and I think a move away from England is the best thing for him.

Another one is Celestine Babayaro who in my opinion is completely and utterly useless. His preformances speak for themselves and I have nothing else to say on the matter.

Newcastle Buys

Next up on the agenda is the positions i think need strenghtening and the players I think should fill them.

LEFT BACK : Nicky Shorey. Will cost about 7-8million but in my opinion is worth every penny. We all know at this stage that any player that has a full England cap adds arround 2-3million to a players value but in Nickys case still makes a bargain.

RIGHT BACK: Glen Johnson. Will cost arround 5million but has premiership and champions league experience and is still only aged 22. He is the perfect player to end Newcastles woes at right back.

CENTRE MIDFIELD: Deco. One of the most reconigised midfielders in the world and is currently playing in La Liga with Barcelona. Newcastle have reportably made contact with Barca about acquiring his services and have been met with a positive responce.

We will have to wait and see what happens between now and the end of the transfer window.

Your comments are welcome.


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