Who do Tottenham fans secretly wish to slay next in the Champions League?

Tottenham…TOTTENHAM! are in the quarter finals of the Champions League. It’s a great achievement, and Spurs fans will be hoping there’s still more to come from the men in white (and blue).

Alongside Tottenham, Barcelona, Schalke and Shakhtar Donetsk also progressed to the Champions League quarter-finals, and next week’s we’ll know who amongst Marseille-Manchester United, Lyon-Real Madrid, Inter-Bayern and Copenhagen-Chelsea will join them in the final 8. Apart from Chelsea, there are no clear favourites in the remaining games, although form and home advantage would point to United, Madrid and Bayern getting through.

The final eight are likely to include some lightweights – Schalke / Shakhtar / Marseille (if they go through) are no mugs but won’t hold the fear factor of a Chelsea or Barcelona.

So who would Tottenham fans want their team to face next? Pick one from the list below and see who fellow Spurs fans have picked:

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  1. John White 10 March, 2011
  2. Jesse 10 March, 2011
    • dan 11 March, 2011
  3. crashbang 10 March, 2011
    • Anas 10 March, 2011
  4. Ashenafi Gebre 11 March, 2011
  5. Nthiwa Beu 13 March, 2011
  6. nik 13 March, 2011