Who can Arsene buy with 30m?

Danny Fiszman is adamant that Arsenal’s finances are in rude health and there are plenty of funds available, all Wenger has to do is ask and they’ll be given to him.

Apart from the ass-covering angle of this statement (blame the manager, not us), the question that arises is this: who can Arsenal bring in if they have 30m to spend right now?

Mind you, Fiszman said 30m on one player, but I doubt Arsenal are going to find a young player at the same level as Fabregas is so we’re probably looking at 2-3 young players or even 1 youngster and 1 experienced head.

Barry and Alonso don’t fit the bill – Barry decided two weeks ago to stay at Villa and Alonso is cup-tied till January – although if Wenger had to go for a player and Alonso was available for around 10m it would be foolish not to buy him. Gerrard’s operation means that Alonso may stick around for now and then move on in January, but since that move is more or less linked with Barry it’s unlikely.

So who else? de Guzman? Not a defensive midfielder. Inler? Not really. Appiah? Injury-prone. It’s not long before you run out of midfielders who might be available for a move AND they’d fit Arsene’s criteria of being able to fit into the team (youth and / or a specific style). At this point, it’s easy to get desperate and start taking names like Yaya Toure and Reo-Coker (good players but not necessarily good enough to improve Arsenal), or worse, looking at Deco at Stamford Bridge and Hargreaves at Old Trafford and wondering what if.

On a sidenote, I’ve heard several Arsenal fans criticise Hargreaves and I can’t understand why – he’s a fantastic team-player, good passer of the ball, an aggressive ball-winner and when fit has an engine that can carry a team through the tough spots. He is what Flamini could have been. Too bad Wenger didn’t pick him, especially if he had that sort of money an year or two (or three) ago, as Arsenal always seem to have.

Back to the current midfield situation and the 30m transfer kitty – any thoughts on what surprises Wenger will spring in the next 3 days? I don’t suppose he’s just decided to wait till January or even next summer?

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