Which Star Player Would YOU Choose?

All across the football world, be it in the floodlit stadiums of the English Premier League or the dusty streets of Brazil, good players are there to be found. Whether it’s the fancy footwork of Cristiano Ronaldo; the pace and vision of Cesc Fabregas or the flair of Kaka, there have always been plenty of good players- and then there are those who are even better.

Every fan craves the elite players of the game; if you offered the fans any team in the world Kaka, the majority of them would say yes, while those that don’t are lying. Talking about that unlikely scenario, if you had the option of having any player in the world pulling on your club’s strip, who would you choose?

To try and start this off with something different, I’ll not go with the choice of Kaka as many of my fellow Gooners would, I’m sure; rather, I’d go for the wing wizardry of Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite Cristiano Ronaldo being known as a diving little cheat player who’s antics are questionable at times, I feel that the Portuguese player would add an extra element to our team- even more so than Kaka, or Leo Messi for that matter.

Kaka is a phenomenal player; he has the ability to drive a team forward on his own, and get a few goals to boot. However, the Gunners have enough players in the position that the Brazilian occupies; Rosicky, Fabregas and Hleb are all capable of playing there well, and an the dynamism Ronaldo would provide on the wings would turn this Arsenal side from playing excellent to unbeatable.

I have long called for Wenger to buy a winger; too often have we failed to use the width provided on the slightly larger Emirates Stadium pitch, while last season Arsenal fans were frustrated to the point of wanting to break something as Rosicky and Hleb continued to cut in and run into walls. Someone that can move the ball at pace, or a proper, ‘out and out’ winger as they’re known as these days would be excellent for the Arsenal; and as much as I hate to say it, Ronaldo is the best kind of this player in the football world today. Wenger has tried to create this kind of player by moving Eboue up to right wing; sadly I feel that a natural is needed, as well as one that can bang them in for fun. Do you think Ronaldo would do well in the red and white, as unlikely a prospect as that seems?

Now that I’ve done it for Arsenal; let me have a short go at other teams- Manchester United would do well with Dimitar Berbatov, simply because they need someone better than Saha capable of playing alone up front; Chelsea would not go amiss if the talents of Kaka were added to their midfield; Liverpool would thrive with Robin van Persie playing off Fernando Torres up front. Who do you think who improve your team best if you were given the option of signing any player in the football world? Let me know below. 😛

Note that this is purely fantasy; I’m not saying that you should take this article seriously, or that I would not be slightly (heck, loads) disgusted were Cristiano Ronaldo to be linked to the Arsenal.

So all of you that enjoy the daily mill of impossible, never to happen transfer rumours… get debating 😀

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