Which football players / managers do you want to meet?

    I was talking to Hasan the other day and we started discussing which football players would we like to meet the most. I gave him my list, and then I realised that it would be a good idea to ask you guys, professional football fans, for your own top 5/10 list.

    Here’s my list – you can add yours in the comments below.

    My top 3:

    • 1. David Beckham
    • 2. Owen Hargreaves
    • 3. Michael Carrick

    The rest (in no particular order):

    • Rio Ferdinand
    • Kevin Nolan
    • Fabio Cannavaro
    • Nemanja Vidic
    • Joe Cole
    • Michael Essien
    • Thierry Henry

    Special Entry:

    • Robbie Keane ( 🙂 )


    There are more, but these were on the top of my head. I also think that several people on this list (like Canna) would probably drop off in a couple of years, and that while I’d love to interview just about any decent player, there are some you just can’t drop (Becks).

    What about you? Which players/people would you want to meet the most?