Which Club Has Worse Management: Newcastle or Tottenham?

The Newcastle story – from the euphoria of Mike Ashley buying the club to the suicide-dive in confidence of Keegan’s departure – is tragic. What happened post-Keegan is much worse, and if you were to call Newcastle United the worst-run club in the Premier League few would argue.

That is, unless you told them the Tottenham story.

On the surface Tottenham are far superior to Newcastle in many ways. They have money to spend, they have a decorated manager, they have good players, most of their squad is still standing and they don’t have an outrageous wage bill.

But toothpick jokes aside, Tottenham are a mess. And if you think the Wise-Keegan split was bad, consider the disrespectful way Martin Jol was run out of Tottenham or how Dan Levy mismanaged the Berbatov and Keane sales or how the club has, over successive seasons, failed to find a suitable backup for King or replacement for Carrick and Davids in central midfield.

Which club has the worse management? If you measure ambitions with reality, Newcastle (top-10) are doing better at 18th than Tottenham (top-4) are doing at 20th. With the wealth of resources at their disposal, Spurs should be doing far better than the Geordie club. Unfortunately for Tottenham fans, they’re currently the butt of lame toothpick jokes.

Newcastle v Spurs

Studs Up by Chris Toy

Who do you think is worse-run? Newcastle or Tottenham?

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