When Hot Women Play Football…

England’s absence from Euro 08 pretty much means that the 170 or so players available for selection to Fabio Capello will put their legs up this summer and relax. But what about the fans?

There’s the Euro 2008 to look forward to – even if you’re an England fan, the excruciating lack of football in the summer means that we’ll grab on to anything, even when we have no stake in the matches being played out.

Before we take the plunge though, why not look at this free time as a time to reflect, and to imagine how good life (and football) could be?

The following video helps you do just that – with barely-naked, sizzling hot women playing gorgeous one-touch football. Everything you’ve ever secretly imagined about playing football with women (such as springing the offside trap, taking shots on goal from all different angles and quickly shifting from slow intricate one-touch moves to fast, long and hard and back – you know…) comes true with this video clip…and then some.

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