What’s More Important?

A few questions for our readers – go through the list, pick your answers and share your thoughts in the comments:

What do you value more as a football fan?

1. Winning the league or winning the cup (consider the highest level cup competition your team can compete in a regular season)?

2. Having the best players or having the best team?

3. The number of goals a player scores or the quality of opposition he scores them against?

4. The number of goals your team scores or the quality of opposition the goals are scored against?

5. Winning a game through diving for a penalty or losing a game by not diving?

Which is a closer goalscoring chance?

6. Hitting the post / crossbar from outside the box or a goal-line clearance (defender or keeper) from a shot six yards out?

7. Hitting the post from outside the box or missing the goal from six yards out?

What is more important in taking penalties?

8. mental strength or regular playing position / amount of practice?

And finally…

What’s worse:

9. Sacrificing your career to satisfy the demands of millions of football fans or doing what you think is necessary to create the best future for yourself?

Pick your answers and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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