How can West Ham improve this summer?

As part of our 2006/2007 Premiership season-end review, here’s a look at how West Ham’s season went. Read up, then offer your own advice on how West Ham can improve this summer.

  1. Pre-season expectations: Like Wigan, there were high hopes for West Ham to build upon their FA Cup final appearance, and while the Tevez / Mascherano signings caused plenty of suspicion they also gave hope that West Ham could do as well as last season (which for a recently promoted club would have been fantastic).
  2. Season evaluation: Very disappointing, no fight and under-performing stars.
  3. The Big Negative: Team spirit?
  4. The Big Positive: Premiership survival, and Curbishley as West Ham manager.
  5. Summer Priority: To clear out the deadwood and rebuild for consolidation next season.

West Ham have Sheffield United and co on their backs regarding the Tevez case but other than that, they have the players, the money and the fan support to build for a long-term Premiership stay.

Now it’s your turn: How do you think West Ham can improve this summer?

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