Premier League Predictions (25th/26th Aug): Will your team win?

Back with another issue of Soccerlens Premier League predictions – to make your own predictions, jump to the end of this post, copy-paste the list of fixtures and make your predictions in the comments.

A sidenote: For the last 3 prediction issues, my track record has been (correct/wrong): 6/4, 5/2 and 2/8. Looks like I got my shit horribly wrong last weekend 🙂

Saturday 25th August 2007

Sunderland vs Liverpool

Despite my bias for Roy Keane, the hard reality is that Sunderland will be outclassed even if they play the harrying game they played against the Spurs. Sunderland’s midfield won’t have any answers for Alonso and Gerrard, and the only hope Sunderland have is that Liverpool are liable to go to sleep away from home.

I don’t see that happening this season though – a Torres goal should be enough to bring in the 3 points for Liverpool but they’ll probably score 2 at least.

Soccerlens Prediction: Liverpool to win.

Arsenal vs Manchester City

Arsenal don’t have too many more goals in them than last season (doesn’t seem so at the moment at least), so if Richards and Dunne can do what they did against United, this should be an interesting game.

However, Arsenal will create plenty of chances at home and seeing how United could have won the game 2-1 at least last week, I’d back Arsenal to win this one, as long as they score first. If City get the opener then you never know, they could come away with a draw, which could be good enough to keep them top of the table.

Soccerlens Prediction: Arsenal to win.

Aston Villa vs Fulham

Should be close, scrappy game and I expect Healy to come in and score again for Fulham (after his brace in international duty midweek), so that would leave Aston Villa to score 2 goals at least. Can they do it?

People are predicting a Aston Villa win but I’m not as sure – this is more evenly balanced than people think, and Villa will have their work cut out against Fulham, especially if Fulham battle the way they’ve done in the last 3 games.

Soccerlens Prediction: Aston Villa win, but a draw is quite possible.

Bolton Wanderers vs Reading

Bottom of the table (even Derby and Birmingham have a point each) and things don’t look like they’ll get much better. Lita could come back for Reading which gives them extra threat in front of goal and if Reading put up the same sort of rearguard performance that they’ve been putting up so far, Bolton are in for a lot of trouble.

Popular consensus is that Bolton just have to improve one day, and at home Speed, Diouf and Anelka should manage to get them a goal at least.

Will that be enough? I doubt it, and I think there’s a good chance of a Reading win here.

Soccerlens Prediction: Reading to win, unless Anelka plays a blinder.

Chelsea vs Portsmouth

This is an easy one – Chelsea should dominate and edge through, and as far as ‘tests’ go this is the first big one for Portsmouth (with due respect to United) – they’re a good team and might even sneak in a goal but at the end of the day Chelsea should win this one.

Soccerlens Prediction: Chelsea to win.

Derby County vs Birmingham City

Birmingham City are more likely to score than Derby County, so it’s really going to be a question of how many goals Brum scores. My bet is that this will go to a draw or a Brum win, because for Derby to win they’ll have to pull something extraordinary out and start creating much more goal-scoring opportunities and putting them away.

Soccerlens Prediction: Birmingham City to win.

West Ham vs Wigan

Wigan may have thumped Sunderland convincingly at home and they’ve got Titus Bramble and Antoine Sibierski as they new heroes but against West Ham, at home, they probably won’t get the space or the time to play their own game.

I expect West Ham to come charging out of the blocks and while they might not blow Wigan away, this looks to be the end of Wigan’s bright start.

Soccerlens Prediction: West Ham to win.

Everton vs Blackburn

A lot is going to be made about the physical nature of this game but with Yakubu set to sign for Everton they look to have added a cutting edge that has been missing at times. Blackburn will fight and fight but Everton have the discipline and balls to match them and their class should tell here.

Soccerlens Prediction: Everton to win, but this is the most likely ‘draw’ of the weekend.

Sunday 26th August 2007

Middlesbrough vs Newcastle United

Boro have no defenders, and no strikers (Mido and Aliadiere are pretenders at the moment). Newcastle have injuries but there’s a lot of optimism around Tyneside and they’ll come to Riverside aiming for a win. If Martins / Owen fire, they’ll easily get one.

Soccerlens Prediction: Newcastle United to win.

Manchester United vs Tottenham

A match I’m dreading to watch – both teams are under tremendous pressure to win this game, United because of their title aspirations and Tottenham because of Jol’s predicament.

Spurs can’t defend to save their lives, United can’t seem to score to save theirs. I’m hoping (and expecting) this to be a very open game but I have no options here but to believe that United will come out ahead.

Soccerlens Prediction: Manchester United to win.

Your Predictions

Here’s where you guys come in – you can copy-paste the list of weekend fixtures below and make your predictions in the comments section. And for everyone who makes their predictions, I’ll tally their ‘points’ (1 point for a correct win/draw/loss prediction) and put it up in the comments at the end of the weekend.

Sunderland vs Liverpool:
Arsenal vs Manchester City:
Aston Villa vs Fulham:
Bolton Wanderers vs Reading:
Chelsea vs Portsmouth:
Derby County vs Birmingham City:
West Ham vs Wigan:
Everton vs Blackburn:
Middlesbrough vs Newcastle United:
Manchester United vs Tottenham:

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