Manchester United are champions / new Manchester United blog

There’s a lot that’s happened in the last week or so, and I thought this would be a good time to a) highlight some Manchester United stories you might have missed and b) remind you of our new Manchester United blog, Red Rants.

For a site that started last Wednesday, Red Rants already has 19 articles and more just keep coming.

Loan Watch: Performances and Future Prospects – where we look at the Manchester United players out on loan and their chances at Manchester United in the next season.

Debunking the Gattuso, Berbatov and Owen rumours – it’s really annoying when people start throwing names around without considering the facts. This article tells us exactly why Gattuso, Owen and Berbatov aren’t headed for United.

Can Chris Eagles be everything Kieran Richardson is not?

How good can Tevez be for Manchester United?

Manchester United’s “Howard” deal – the full story.

Rossi’s future at Manchester United – this kid’s going to be a star, I tell you.

No, Manchester United isn’t being taken over, it’s just a stupid rumour.

Manchester United’s title winning celebrations – video and quotes.

For more Manchester United stories, head for Red Rants.

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