Waste of Money – The player Chelsea simply MUST sell this summer


Is this a break up? Well, it certainly should be. In any relationship there should be equal amounts of give and take. Despite probably genuine efforts to the contrary, this certainly hasn’t been the case with the case with Chelsea and Fernando Torres however.

Of course you have to remain faithful in any relationship. Chelsea have certainly done that – and paid a heavy price for it. Kicking Daniel Sturridge to the kerb and offloading probably the hottest of hot-shots in the Premier League to Liverpool for a paltry £12million was an act of faith in Torres that has brought minimal reward.  A £50million transfer fee outlay, wages that attain the status of opulence and the dedication of a fan base that still on Wednesday persist in chanting his name are signs of a devotion that seemed to know no bounds. This summer however returning manager Jose Mourinho may pour a bucket of cold water over all of that and induce a bit of self-appraisal. If that happens, it could herald the end of a somewhat less than beautiful relationship.

Some may look at Chelsea’s position at the top of the Premier League and declare that things cannot be that bad. It’s a good point. The issue is however that the club are not in that position because of the contribution of Torres. They’re in that position despite the player’s lack of contribution. The striker has netted nine times this season in all competitions, and this is not a particularly below average return for him. On top of that the Spaniard turns 30 next month. Fail to sell him in the upcoming window, and time may just have been called in the last chance saloon.


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