Vote for the next Manchester United manager

Roy Keane. Mark Hughes. Marcello Lippi. Carlos Queiroz.

Who would you pick (in two years) as your next Manchester United manager?

Roy Keane

A strong push for promotion in his first year as manager with Sunderland and the respect he commands in the Manchester United dressing room (not to mention that he’s the most popular figure of these four) gives Roy Keane a good chance.

He lacks the experience though – should that count against such a distinguished and capable individual?

Mark Hughes

Quality player, quality manager. He’s turned Blackburn (albeit slowly) into a team that plays to win and is consistently in the run for Europe.

He has more management experience than Keane (Wales and then Blackburn) but does he command the same respect as the rest of the candidates?

Marcello Lippi

A strong fan favourite as Ferguson’s successor at Manchester United, Lippi has the ability and experience required to take over a big club such as Manchester United.

He is the strongest candidate, but unlike the other three, he hasn’t been proven in England. The Premiership is a different animal than Serie A or La Liga (Benitez hasn’t been able to crack it). Will Lippi be able to cope?

Carlos Queiroz

Ferguson’s right-hand man at Manchester United and the closest in terms to the players. Has the necessary experience (the Real Madrid experience shouldn’t count against him) but do the fans trust him, and does the board want stability instead of the chance to bring in a manager who will improve as time goes by at Manchester United?

Vote for your next Manchester United manager

It’s time for you guys to vote, and then add your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: Voting is now closed. Here are the results:

Roy Keane: 46%
Mark Hughes: 18%
Marcello Lippi: 25%
Carlos Queiroz: 12%

Thanks for voting. My pick was Roy Keane, and with what he has achieved at Sunderland this season he must be the favourite to take over after Ferguson.

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