US vs England for World Cup 2018

The BBC reports that England’s bid for WC 2018 (think we’ll win by then?) is under threat from US competition. You can read the full details here, but there are two things that spring to mind:

  • The US is fast-growing market, so it’s an attractive option to FIFA
  • The US has the necessary infrastructure to make such an event a success

It won’t matter for much that England haven’t hosted a WC for so long. What will matter is money and the potential to make more money, and that points to the US. Add Wembley to that and you can understand why people are getting worried.

The US could, always, take on Brazil’s bid for 2014 if Brazil is deemed unready, but that’s a bit unrealistic, because that would mean that Brazil would get it in 2018 (or would at least go for it and then eventually get it).

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