Tyson Fury Loses It With True Geordie During Intense Interview

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury
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In a recent interview ahead of his trilogy bout with Derek Chisora, Tyson Fury completely loses it with True Geordie. ‘The Gypsy King’ began to verbally abuse the podcaster after not agreeing with some statements he made and his line of questioning.


Tyson Fury Furious At True Geordie Questioning During Interview

With Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora set to lock horns for the third time on December 3rd, ‘The Gypsy King’ has been doing the rounds with various media outlets, giving them interviews and hyping the fight.

A lot of people think the fight with Chisora is a complete mismatch and is an unsuitable match-up for Fury, which is reflected in the fight odds with Fury an overriding favourite with all boxing betting sites.

In the interview with True Geordie, it was evident that Fury was taking no prisoners, and wasn’t in the mood to mess about. The heavyweight champion of the world was annoyed at True Geordie for dismissing Chisora, with the well known media personality saying Fury should be targeting fresh challenges rather than a man he has beaten twice before.

Fury was having none of it, saying that the disrespect towards ‘Del Boy’ is unacceptable.

“No matter what you say, or what people like you want to say about Derek Chisora, he’s achieved more in boxing and in fighting than ten men like you could ever achieve.

“I’m not going to just let you sit here and slate somebody who’s fought the best fighters of this era just because he’s lost a few fights.”

The WBC World Heavyweight Champion didn’t mince his words as he was quick to react to True Geordie’s accusations that the fight is a ‘no contest’ and it is a foregone conclusion that Fury will win.

“It is what it is. I’ll be fighting Chisora. If you don’t want to watch it then please don’t, and if you do, tune in. And if you don’t want to buy a ticket, don’t buy a ticket.

“I can’t let you, who’s probably never had a fight in your life, run Chisora down who’s fought everybody. I cannot let that happen.”

Tyson Fury will face Derek Chisora on December 3rd at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, regardless of what fans and the media may think about the fight. If you want to tune in and watch the fight, then check out the best boxing live streaming sites that allow you to do that.

Tyson Fury Loses It Following Intense Questioning From True Geordie

As the interview between True Geordie and Tyson Fury developed, it was clear to see that Fury was in no mood to entertain today, instead running on a short fuse it seemed.

True Geordie didn’t seem to get the hint, and continued to press Fury with difficult questions. As the interview went on, it was clear that Fury wasn’t happy one bit. He was tipped over the edge by the YouTuber, before ending the video call and calling True Geordie a handful of offensive names.

The call ended like this with Fury throwing torrents of abuse the way of True Geordie:

“I think you’re a tosser. You little tosspot. And I won’t be doing anymore interviews with you little tosspot, bearded, bald-headed tosser. Kiss my balls, you little w**ker. You little sh*thouse. Suck a d*ck.”

The fight is now just over a month away, with Fury looking to make a successful second defense of his WBC tile. This is Chisora’s first world title shot, so he will be hopeful of capturing the world crown at the first time of asking.

If you think you know how the fight will end when Fury and Chisora step into the ring in just over five weeks time, then be sure to analyse use your free betting offers on the fight. You can win money without even spending any of your own!

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