Oasis Reunion Odds: Noel & Liam Gallagher 2/1 For 2024 Tour With Band

Oasis Reunion Odds
Oasis Reunion Odds

Sportslens have sourced an exclusive price for a potential Oasis reunion, with our odds-maker partner Alan Alger handing us eye-brow raising odds of just 2/1, the shortest they have been in recent memory.

Could we finally be about to see Noel and Liam Gallagher put their differences aside? This week has seen rumours intensify, although countless instances of the pair seemingly on the cusp of returning on stage have been and gone, ever since their public split in 2009.

Oasis Reunion Odds Shorten to 2/1

Liam, who has long maintained his innocence in the bitter feud at the Rock en Seine festival that led to Oasis’ disbandment, has been vocal about his willingness to take the stage with his brother once more, often jumping on Twitter to send jibes in the direction of Noel.

However, just this week, rumours of a long-awaited reunion have seemingly moved up a notch after Noel, who was speaking on a French radio show, said:

“He [Liam] should get his people to call my people. They know who they are, they know where we are, stop talking on the f****** internet, let’s see what you’ve gotta say.”

Liam replied on Twitter, just see below.

As evidenced by his latest Tweet, it is clear Liam believes he is on the right side of moral compass. Although it is only rumoured as to what caused the spat between the duo in 2009, Noel’s change of tone since splitting from his estranged wife this year, who many believed to be the catalyst in the public feud, may add further fuel to the fire for those who side with that theory.

  • Oasis reunion odds now as short as 2/1

Glastonbury Headliners in 2024?

Although a return to Knebworth would be appear to be more fitting, where Oasis played to 250,000 people in 1996 in what is now THE defining moment in the Brit Pop era, both brothers have frequently appeared at Glastonbury in recent years.

Noel has enjoyed plenty of success with his current band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, while Liam’s solo career has seen him release two EP’s.

Glastonbury Festival, which is renowned for drawing the biggest and the best artists to the UK, has often been a setting remarked as fitting for an unexpected Oasis reunion, and the monstrous crowds that have gathered to witness the pair in their separate ventures is but a taster of what may unfold if they took to the stage together.

Our resident odds compiler Alan Alger also gave us odds for this eventuality in light of this week’s developments, pricing a first Glastonbury appearance by Oasis in 30 years in next summer’s edition at 10/1.

Alan went on to comment on his latest Oasis prices, saying: “An Oasis reunion appears to be tantalisingly close, which is reflected in the shortest price it has been for some time.

“It now appears that Noel is open to the conversation after his comments this week, despite years of brushing off Liam’s remarks on Twitter. Noel has has previously joked he would reunite the band for £100m, although we like to think brotherly love has prevailed.”

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