Leon Edwards Wife: Who Is The UFC Champion’s Partner And Do They Have A Child?

Leon Edwards with his family
Leon Edwards with his family

Ahead of Leon Edwards’ trilogy showdown at UFC 286 tonight against Kamaru Usman, we’re answering some questions about the Welterweight champion’s personal life.

Who Is Leon Edwards’ Partner?

Leon Edwards’ relationship status is currently unclear and the 31-year-old likes to keep his private life private. We do not know if ‘Rocky’ has a wife, girlfriend or partner.

Does Leon Edwards Have A Child?

Yes, Leon Edwards has one son named Jayon who is believed to be six-years-old and born between 2016-2017.

The identity of Jayon’s mother is unknown and Edwards prefers to keep it that way, offering privacy to someone who likely doesn’t wish to be in the public eye.

The father, who grew up in Aston, Birmingham, has promised to give Jayon the safe, comfortable and healthy childhood that he didn’t.

Leon Edwards Wife: Who Is The UFC Champion's Partner And Do They Have A Child?
Leon Edwards with his son Jayon, 6

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Who Are Leon Edwards’ Family?

Edwards lived with his parents and brother in a one-room house and was surrounded by crime and gang activity growing up.

After being born in Kingston, Jamaica, Edwards and his family moved to England at the age of nine.

“As a kid growing up in Jamaica, all you see is crime, drugs, killing, shooting, poverty. Day in and day out. I’ve never seen someone get shot in front of my face, but I’ve seen people who were hit with bullets running to get away.

“Killing became normal to me as a kid. Hearing gunshots was normal; it did not faze me. When you’re playing outside in Jamaica and you hear gunshots, you don’t run and hide. You just look, and if it’s nowhere near you, you carry on with your day.”

Leon Edwards Wife: Who Is The UFC Champion's Partner And Do They Have A Child?
Leon Edwards with his family

Edwards’ father was heavily involved in criminal activities and earned the nickname ‘The General,’ whilst his mother had to work multiple jobs to keep the family above water.

Leon, aged 13, dealt with the trauma of his father being murdered, shot in a nightclub over a feud regarding money.

“It was probably like 2am,” Edwards recalled. “I was in my room. Mum was in her room. We hear the phone ringing. I heard her crying, and I knew from then something bad, you know.

“Eventually, she came into my room and just told me this, your dad’s just got killed in London. It was something to do with money, I don’t know exactly. It was some mad s***, but I knew that it could happen.”

Edwards admitted that the killing had a detrimental effect on his childhood and it pushed him even further into the same life that his father lived.

“It f****d me up. It pushed me more into gang life and crime, toward the negative. My mid-teens were my darkest years.

“My crew was involved with fights, robberies and stabbings. We sold some drugs. We smoked weed and drank a bit. I was arrested a few times for fights and having a knife.”

Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman – UFC 286 Fight Info

  • 🥊 UFC Match: Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman
  • 📊 Records: Leon Edwards (20-3, 7 KO’s) | Kamaru Usman (20-2, 9 KO’s)
  • 📅 Date: Saturday 18th March 2023
  • 🕛 Main Event Time: Approx. 10.00PM GMT
  • 🏆 Title: UFC Welterweight Title
  • 📺 TV Channel: BT Sport Box Office
  • 🏟  Venue: O2 Arena | London, England
  • 🎲 Fight Odds: Edwards 2/1 | Usman 2/5

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