AFTV Views Confirm Arsenal YouTube Fan Show Gets More Hits When Gunners WIN


Using YouTube viewing data sourced by Sportslens, our research team has poured through videos from fan-led Arsenal show AFTV uploaded this current season, as well as last year. In doing so, we have seemingly debunked the popular notion that it exists simply for the pleasure of fans when the Gunners lose.

  • Average viewing figures show more watchers tune in after Arsenal win.
  • This year’s table-topping season has seen a drop off in viewers after Arsenal lose.
  • High-profile defeats still among games with the highest viewership.

Overall Stats Show Larger Viewership Following Victory

AFTV, formerly named ‘Arsenal Fan TV,’ has garnered its fair share of criticism over the years from those within the club, with popular complaints pointing to their histrionics after inconsequential defeats, and driving up unnecessary negative talk within the fanbase.

Although established over a decade ago, the popular perception that AFTV have profited off some of the club’s lowest points still lingers. In the not so distant past, you might have even caught wind of chants bellowing from the stands such as “Arsenal Fan TV, get out of our club.”

In a survey carried out by British Gambler last year, 2001 Arsenal fans were questioned on what they make of the show, and 82.1% of respondents went as far as saying they would be happier if the channel didn’t exist, while just over 50% believed it was the worst thing to happen to the club over the past two decades.

Those from rival clubs have often used it as a point of reference when sending jibes in the direction of Arsenal fans, but it is safe to say most of the Emirates faithful would be quick to distance themselves from the AFTV contributors.

Nevertheless, a popular perception that usually arises around AFTV is that it thrives off views after Arsenal defeats, which is why many refuse to buy into their frenzy of criticisms.

However, using the data sourced by SportsLens, this season’s YouTube content reveals a larger viewership following victories.

Season 22/23 (so far) 

  • Average views after a win – 1,183,441
  • Average views after a loss – 771,443

Season 21/23 

  • Average views after a win – 1,144,777
  • Average views after a loss – 1,266,753

Overall Views After Defeats Have Fallen Since Last Season

It is also interesting to compare the data set from last year, where the Gunners’ season was underlined by their club captain being forced out, as well as missing out on long-awaited Champions League qualification at the final hurdle.

This is in stark contrast to this term, where they find themselves eight points clear in the Premier League at the time of writing having lost just three times (13 losses in the 2021/22 season). This, coupled with shrewd additions to the squad such as Oleksandr Zinchenko, Gabriel Jesus and most recently Leandro Trossard, has boosted their profile from easy targets to feared title contenders.

The comparisons between last season’s AFTV viewership and this season’s would suggest that rival clubs may be tired trying to find a laugh out of their post-match videos, with ‘defeat’ views experiencing a sizeable drop-off this term.

Last season also saw more views after a defeat than following a victory, with just over 100,000 more viewers on average.

‘Defeat’ Views Comparison – 21/22 vs 22/23

  • Average views after a loss (22/23) – 771,443
  • Average views after a loss (21/22) – 1,266,753

However, is also worth noting that the views-per-loss compared to last season are slightly up. This is largely due to a much improved win/draw-to-loss ratio having only succumbed to defeat a total of seven times – this is less than half of last season’s total of 15 losses, with 10 games left to play.

Views Per Loss Comparison – 21/22 vs 22/23

  • Average views per loss (22/23): Seven defeats – 110,206
  • Average views per loss (21/22): 15 defeats – 84,450

High-Profile Defeats Still Among Most Viewed Videos

Although the Gunners find themselves in a near-unthinkable position heading into the season’s close, their journey has not been without fault.

In fact, defeats to both Manchester sides, which account for two of their three total league losses this year, both rank among the most viewed AFTV match content.

Most Viewed Content This Season By Match 

  • Arsenal vs Tottenham (3-1) – 2,152,000
  • Arsenal vs Manchester United (3-2) – 2,106,000
  • Arsenal vs Liverpool (3-2) – 2,000,000
  • Arsenal vs Leicester (4-2) – 1,940,000
  • Arsenal vs Bournemouth (3-2) – 1,724,000
  • Tottenham vs Arsenal (0-2) – 1,527,000
  • Manchester United vs Arsenal (3-1) – 1,480,000
  • Crystal Palace vs Arsenal (0-2) – 1,317,000
  • Arsenal vs Everton (4-0) – 1,263,500
  • Arsenal vs Manchester City (1-3) – 1,156,600


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