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Did you know that you can play the New York Lottery in the UK at a number of online betting sportsbooks? Well, you do now! What’s more, if you do play the New York Lottery in the UK, then there’s no longer any need for you to search high and low all over the internet for the latest New York Lottery results, as you can find all that info right here.

If you’ve never played the New York Lottery in the UK then this page will also explain all about the New York Lottery and how you can play.

New York Lottery Results today for 24 September 2022

Here are the latest New York lottery results for last night (or when the last New York lottery main draw took place). Let’s hope you got lucky!

Ball One Ball Two Ball Three Ball Four Ball Five Ball Six Bonus Ball
New York Lottery Main Draw 8 16 18 36 54 59 22

If you want to bet on the New York Lottery but have trouble deciding upon which numbers to choose, here are the currently numbers for this lottery that are running hot or cold. You can choose to use them (or not) when you place your bet on the New York Lottery results for today.

Hot Balls 30 52 47 16 12 4
Cold Balls 50 18 36 54 9 55

Bet on New York Lottery in the UK

The New York lottery in the UK can only be bet upon in the UK – you can’t buy tickets for it. The rules of the New York lottery dictate that only residents of the United States may buy tickets for any New York Lottery main draw.

However, in the UK you can bet on the outcome of the New York Lottery at a number of sports betting sites. You can actually do this for several lotteries, including the 49’s, Irish Lottery and Spanish lottery.

If you want to know where you can bet on the New York Lottery, here is our list of the best bookmakers and online casinos where you are able to place bets on the latest New York lottery results in the UK.

UK’s Best Bookmakers for New York Lottery Betting

How to Play the New York Lottery in the UK

Betting on the New York Lottery (officially know as the ‘New York Lotto’) in the UK is your best way of playing it. There are two draws every week – one on Thursday, and one on Sunday (UK time – on NY time they are Wednesday and Saturday so when you check in the morning, you are looking at the New York Lottery results for last night). It’s a ‘1 from 59’ game, with six numbers and one bonus ball being drawn.

To bet on the New York Lottery results UK head to the ‘lotto’ section of the sportsbook that you have chosen. You will find plenty of options, so make sure you’ve got the correct lottery!

Once you’ve ascertained you’re on the correct page, choose which draw(s) you want to bet on. You usually can select up to four draws at once – the next two Sunday draws, and the next two Thursday draws. You may also be able to choose betting on the same numbers for the same draws over an extended period.

ny lottery results

Now here comes the selection process. As you are not buying a ticket, you do not select six numbers – you choose the amount of numbers that you’re going to bet on coming up on the New York Lottery main draw. You can bet on one, two, three, four or five numbers. You also need to choose whether to include the bonus ball in your bet – if you do it will increase your chances of winning, but the amounts you will win will be less.

Again, as you are betting on the New York Lottery results UK there is no set price for your lottery entry. You can wager any amount defined by the limits imposed by the sportsbook you are using. For example

There is no set price for a New York lottery results UK bet, unlike say a UK National Lottery ticket which is £2, currently. You can bet as little or as much as the site allows. For example, if you are betting on the New York Lottery results at William Hill, the minimum you can bet is only £0.01, and the maximum £1,000.

New York Draw Times and Schedule

Because the draw is made in New York, the draw times when adjusted for UK time take place either extremely late at night or very early in the morning. Remember this when using our New York lottery results checker, the results for say the 6th in the UK are for the draw that took place in New York on the 5th.

The difference in daylight saving will also alter the UK times of the New York lottery draw. In the summer however, both the Sunday draw and the Thursday draw take place at 1.15am, GMT. Remember though these will be the New York Lottery results Saturday and the New York Lottery results Wednesday, respectively.

New York Payouts and Odds

You are probably tired of us saying this, but as you are betting on the New York lottery as opposed to playing it, you do not get a share of the lottery jackpot no matter how many numbers you get right. Instead, the sportsbook where you placed your bet will pay out in line with your wager. The odds are decided by the sportsbook, so you may have to research a little bit to see which sportsbooks offer the best odds.

Here for you now are the most common odds/payouts for wagering on the New York lottery results:

Balls Matched No Bonus Ball Bonus Ball
5 250,000/1 100,000/1
4 25,000/1 10,000/1
3 1,300/1 700/1
2 100/1 70/1
1 8/1 7/1

Don’t forget you get your stake back too! Using the table above, if you bet on four numbers (no bonus ball) for £2 and all four come up, then your total return will be £50,002.

It’s important that you realise that ALL your numbers need to come up for your bet to be successful. For example, if your bet is on four numbers, and three numbers come up, then your bet is a losing one and you don’t win a single penny.

Ways You Can Bet on the New York Lottery

Betting on the New York Lottery results in the UK is different to buying a lottery ticket, as we have already explained. There are a few more ways to bet, rather than just picking numbers. Here are the four most common options when it comes to betting.

Straight Bet

The most common bet is the straight bet, which is as close to playing the New York lottery in the UK as you can get. You choose one, two, three, four or five numbers to bet on, and whether to include the bonus ball. You only win if all your numbers are drawn.

Combination Bet

This bet will optionally cover all options, depending on the number of balls you pick. If you select five numbers, then you can also bet on five fourfolds, ten triples, ten doubles and five singles. You can also select more numbers (up to 14 at some sites) to increase your chances of having the most New York Lottery winning numbers, but of course the more selections you have, the higher the wager.

Bonus Ball Bet

Bet on the ball that is drawn for the bonus ball. Typical odds are around 53/1.

Total Value Bet

A bet on the sum of all six numbers drawn (this bet does not include the bonus ball). Lowest possible value is 21 (1+2+3+4+5+6) and the highest is 339 (59+58+57+56+55+54). You can place a wager on any total between those two numbers.

The odds vary between totals, usually in set of ten. The highest odds are 40/1 for the range 21 to 100, and the lowest only 8/1 for the range 171 to 190.

New York Lottery Predictions and Tips

A lot of people claim that they will be able to tell you the best lottery numbers for the NY Lottery draw. Of course, anyone who claims they can accurately predict which balls will pop out of the lottery machine for the New York Lottery results for today is not telling the truth, as it’s impossible.

Most people, sites and apps use the hot/cold number theory to ‘predict’ which balls will come out next. As all draws are random, there’s no way to predict the next draw, but using hot and cold NY Lottery numbers is as good a selection method as any. Just make sure you do not pay money to such people/sites/apps for their predictions.

Here are what we think are the best tips to enable you to get the most from betting on the outcome of the next New York Lottery draw.

  • Get the best odds – every betting site sets their own lottery odds, so wagering on the Ladbrokes New York results for five balls might win you a greater amount than betting on the Betfred New York Lottery results, for example. Additionally, the Coral New York Lottery results betting odds for four balls may be better than the New York Lottery results William Hill betting odds, but the opposite could be true for betting on three balls.
  • Use combo bets – people tend to come a cropper with betting on lotteries as they assume all outcomes are covered, which is never actually the case. If you bet on five numbers, you won’t win anything if four come up. You can stop this from happening by using combo bets – you can cover all combinations of the NY Lottery numbers you’ve selected. This means if you pick four numbers and three come up you will still win something.
  • Form a syndicate – if you have a few friends who enjoy playing lotteries, why not suggest to them that you form a syndicate? Several people have done so successfully, even when betting on lotteries as opposed to buy lottery tickets for them. You can play more lines if you’re part of a betting syndicate, although you will have to share any wins with your fellow syndicate members.
  • Stick with the same numbers – every lottery player’s horror story is seeing the New York lottery winning numbers that you’ve played every week for years … only to find that your forgot to put your numbers on that week. If you are going to play the New York lottery on a regular basis it’s probably best that you stick to the same NY Lottery numbers, just in case those numbers come up after you’ve changed to different ones, or you’ve taken a break from playing.

Big New York Lottery Winners

The New York Lottery (or Lotto, to give the lottery its official name) used to be one of the biggest lotteries in the world, but in recent years the two multi-jurisdiction US lotteries – PowerBall and MegaMillions – have eclipsed the local lottery in New York state, leading to dwindling sales.

The New York lottery began in 1967, but it was not until 1981 that someone won big when Lou Eisenberg won $5 million after checking the New York Lottery results Saturday draw. Despite the fall in popularity, the New York lottery has still created many big winners, including the following in recent draws:

  • Lawrence Badstein, $3M, April 2021
  • G&G Titan syndicate, $15.7M, April 2021
  • Purpledot syndicate, $8.7M, September 2021
  • Ronald & Ethel Whitaker, $8.2M, January 2022

The biggest New York Lottery winner we could find though was Patricia Eisel, who had moved to New York from Ireland in 1995. She bought a ticket from her local liquor store in January 2011 and upon checking the New York lottery results Wednesday draw, found she’d won! She set a new winners record of $21.5M – nice!

Of course, you are not going to win millions if you bet on the New York Lottery, which is your only option in the UK, but you could win over £1M if your bet comes in at one of the UK’s leading sportsbooks.

The New York Lottery in the UK does seem to payout on a very regular basis, with £25,000 being the most common winning total for correctly prediciting New York Lottery pick 4 winning numbers according to the information concerning the New York Lottery results at Betfred. Perhaps you should take heed of this as it seems when playing the New York Lottery pick 4 winning numbers to have the greatest chances of success.

Final Thoughts

It’s well known that American lotteries pay out far more than UK ones (the current record payout is $1.58 billion (£1.26billion) compared to £161million in the UK). You’re not likely at all to win £1.26billion betting on the NY Lottery results, but you could still win a pretty tidy sum of money.

Why not bet on the New York lottery results today and see if you can become a big winner? Just remember to use us as your regular New York lottery results checker.

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