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Do you bet on the Greek Lottery in the UK? Then you are obviously here to check your numbers! There are two draws per week every Saturday and Wednesday, and if you bet on those crucial numbers at an online sportsbook then you are going to want to know whether your numbers are the winning ones or not. You can check the latest Greek Lottery results right here!

This page is not just about the numbers, though. You’ll find plenty of important snippets about the Greek Lottery too.

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Greek Lottery Results today for 01 October 2022

So, without further hesitation here are the crucial winning numbers for the latest edition of the Greek Lotto results 6/49.

Ball One Ball Two Ball Three Ball Four Ball Five Ball Six Bonus Ball
Saturday Draw 5 14 29 35 41 4 16
Wednesday Draw 4 7 12 27 30 35 36

If you are unsure about which numbers to pick for your next Greek Lottery attempt, then here are some numbers which are currently running hot and cold when the Greek Lottery results are finalised.

Hot Balls 26 23 24 32 31 8
Cold Balls 42 21 1 11 17 19

Bet on Greek Lottery in the UK

If you already bet on the Greek lottery in the UK then you’ll probably already know that there are two draws of the Greek National Lottery each and every week. Both main draws will draw six balls from the 49 that are available, as well as an additional bonus ball. People in Greece who can buy lottery tickets for the Greek National Lottery win the jackpot if they match all six balls, plus consolation prizes too.

Naturally in the UK you are unable to buy tickets for the Greek Lottery. There are plenty of sportsbooks and online casinos though where betting on the outcome of the Greek Lottery results is permitted. It’s a great way of adding a little extra lottery action to your life.

UK’s Best Bookmakers for Greek Lottery Betting

How to Play the Greek Lottery in the UK

First up, you need to understand that as far as lotteries go, Greece is a little more ‘lottery crazy’ than some other nations. There are several lotteries in the country – the National Lottery, the ‘Joker’, the ‘Proto’ and the ‘Extra 5’. In terms of betting on the Greek Lottery in the UK, the National Lottery in Greece is the only lottery is the only game upon which bets can be placed. When you check the Greek Lottery results make sure you are looking at the right ones – the Greek National Lottery results not the Greek Lottery results Joker draw, for example.

To bet on the Greek Lottery in the UK you need an account at an online sports book which permits Greek Lottery betting. Currently in the UK there are only two sportsbooks where this is possible – BetFred and BoyleSports. Go through the sign up process with either (or both if you want to grab the bonuses available at these sites) to create your Greek Lottery betting account.

greek lottery results

Next, head to the dedicated section of the site for lottery betting. Unlike a full lottery, you cannot choose six numbers for the Greek Lottery and then hope for a share of the jackpot. The maximum number of balls you can bet on is five, but you can bet on any number up to that limit. Be aware that ALL the balls you bet on have to be drawn in order for your bet to be a winning one. If you bet on four and three are drawn, there’s no winnings for you.

As this is a wager as opposed to the purchase of a ticket you will need to set your stake. The online sportsbook will offer odds in line with the probability of the your balls being drawn (for five, for example, it’s usually 100,000/1). So, for winning a 50p wager on five balls at odds of 100,000/1, you would win £50,000. Be careful with large bets on five balls as sites will have an upper payout limit on all lotteries. If you play then check the Greek Lottery results at BetFred for example, for five balls this upper limit is £100,000 so if you bet £2 on five balls you’ll be winning £100,000, and not £200,000 as you might expect.

When you have made your choices over how many numbers you want to bet on, and which numbers, then click the confirmation button for your bet and your Greek lottery bet is on!

Greek Draw Times and Schedule

There are two draws per week for the Greek National Lottery – every Wednesday and Saturday. In terms of GMT, the draws takes place at 6pm on those days. This currently is consistent throughout the year as daylight savings times are identical in the UK as they are in Greece.

Don’t get confused by the other Greek Lottery draws. The full schedule is as follows:

  • Saturdays, 6pm: National Lottery (Lotto) main draw
  • Sundays, 6pm: Proto draw
  • Tuesday, 6pm: Joker draw
  • Wednesday, 6pm: National Lottery (Lotto) main draw and Extra 5 draw

Be aware that the National Lottery main draws are the only Greek lottery draws that you can bet on in the UK.

Greek Payouts and Odds

There is no cause for you to get excited when you hear that the Greek National Lottery has rolled over several times and the winning jackpot has cranked up to over €20million, as it often does. As you are betting on the lottery as opposed to buying a ticket for it, you are not entitled to any share of the jackpot.

You can still win up to £100,000 on the Greek Lottery though by betting on it at any sportsbook that accepts Greek Lottery bets. The amount you win via a wager is set by the sportsbook and is based on the odds they offer. You can get an idea of the typical odds you’ll receive by checking out the table below.

Balls Matched Odds
5 100,000/1
4 7,000/1
3 610/1
2 60/1
1 6/1

Ways You Can Bet on the Greek Lottery

Betting on the Greek Lottery is simply not as popular as plenty of other international lotteries in the UK such as the German Lottery. That should not discourage you from betting on it – you’ll win the same for betting on five numbers for most international lotteries, no matter how popular they are.

The only downside is that the more varied bets you can place on an international lottery – such as betting on the bonus ball number or the sum of all the balls drawn – are not available for Greek Lottery betting. Indeed, your options are not likely to expand further than the two options we are going to look at below.

Straight Bet

A straight bet is just a bet on how many numbers you wish to bet on, up to a maximum of five. You can bet on a single number at typical odds of 6/1, or any amount of numbers up to that five maximum. You are unable to bet on six numbers for the Greek Lottery (or any lottery) if that is what you hope to bet on.

A few people come unstuck with how lottery betting works, thinking that if they bet on four numbers at 10,000/1 they are also covered for three numbers at 700/1. That’s not the case unless you place a combo bet (see below). If your bet is for four numbers and you only land three, you do not win anything.

Combination Bet

A combination bet is where you bet on a set of numbers – usually more than the upper maximum of five – and cover all or some of the possible combinations from the numbers you choose.

Say, for example, you decide to back seven numbers. This means that the follow combinations are open to you:

  • 7 x singles
  • 21 x doubles
  • 35 x triples
  • 35 x four-folds
  • 21 x five-folds

You can back all of these options if you want, and you can only back some of them if that is what you would prefer. For example with those seven numbers above, you could decide only to back the triples, four-folds and five-folds, ignoring the the doubles and singles.

The main benefit of a combo bet on the Greek Lotto results 6/49 is that the more numbers you get right, the more you win. This is in contrast to a straight up bet where ALL the numbers you back have to come up in order for you to win anything.

Greek Lottery Prediction and Tips

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter or both, then you may have noticed people who claim to be able to confidently predict the next winning set of lottery numbers for any lottery, UK or otherwise. There is nothing scientific in this method – they just calculate which balls are most frequently drawn in a particular lotto, are which balls have been conspicuous by the absence for any length of time.

Of course, all lotto draws are completely random so using ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ balls when choosing your numbers is not any guarantee of being more likely to win a fortune on the next draw. It is though, as good a method as any other, so we think such Greek Lottery prediction and tips are worth looking at, as long as you don’t spend any money to access these tips.

Here are some of our best tips for Greek Lottery betting. We of course will not charge you a penny for our Greek Lotto results tips!

  • Get the best odds – When you are selecting your balls, make sure you are placing your bet at the site with the best odds for your choice. You may get the best odds for four balls when you check the Greek Lottery results at Betfred, for example, but you might get better odds for three balls at BoyleSports. It only takes a few seconds to check and you could be missing out on a bit of cash if you choose the inferior odds and win.
  • Use combo bets – Habitually, lottery players will be accustomed to selecting six numbers, and indeed when it comes to betting on the lottery this could be the way to go. As you can’t bet on six numbers (maximum five) the best idea is to use a combo bet and bet on six five-folds. You don’t have to splash out a huge amount – if your typically lottery bet is £2 then you can bet 30p on six five-folds for a total outlay of £1.80. They beauty of this is that if all six of your numbers are drawn, all five of your five-folds win.
  • Form a syndicate – Lottery syndicates are of course extremely common when it comes to UK National Lottery play, and there is nothing stopping you from forming a syndicate to bet on a lottery as well. The more lines you bet on a lottery the more chance you have of winning, and if you don’t want to splash too much cash we’d advise you to form a syndicate in order to maximise your lines. The only real downside is that if you do hit the Greek Lotto results jackpot, you’ll have to share it with your fellow syndicate matters.
  • Keep with the same numbers – If you do not do a lucky dip every time you pick your numbers and have a specific set of numbers instead, then it’s probably best that you stick with them no matter how many lottery draws you bet on (and that goes for all the lotteries you bet on, if you bet on more than one). Can’t be anything worse than using different numbers on the Greek and Australian Lottery draws and discovering your Greek Lottery numbers would have won the Aussie lotto, and vice versa!

Big Greek Lottery Winners

The maximum you can typically win by betting on the Greek Lotto results is £100,000, but we’ve yet to find anyone who has won that amount, so you could be the first! One of the biggest Greek Lottery betting wins we’ve found was in the summer of 2020 when one lucky punter won £20,000 for correctly predicting four Greek Lottery numbers to be drawn at odds of 10,000/1.

There’s even less information about the biggest winners of the Greek National Lottery. That’s because in Greece, lottery winners shun publicity about their bigs wins because of the culture in Greece which dictates that cash windfalls should be shared among extended family members, close friends, not-so-close friends and people you met on a bus once seven years ago. Also, such is the culture, that it really is not the best idea to go around bragging that you’ve suddenly won a substantial amount of money!

Final Thoughts

Betting on the lottery is actually a much better prospect than buying a lottery ticket. The odds of your six numbers coming up on the National Lottery are pretty slim, so for a more realistic chance of winning (albeit for less money, although the maximum prize of £100,000 is not an amount any sane person would turn down) why not bet on the Greek Lottery instead?

Choose your participating sports book, choose your stake, choose your ‘lucky’ Greek Lottery numbers and get your bet on. Also, remember to check back here for the winning Greek Lottery numbers every Wednesday and Saturday.

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