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Best FIFA 2022 World Cup Betting Tipsters

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The Qatar Football World Cup 2022 is set to be a feast of football and a betting bonanza, with vast numbers of punters set to place bets before and during the tournament. And many of them will be looking for the best World Cup betting tipsters to help them secure some winning wagers! So, in this post, we’ll take you through everything you need to be aware of when picking a potential tipster to follow.

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Top FIFA World Cup Betting Tipsters Ranked

  1. SafeBettingSites Telegram
    Top new free betting tips telegram channel with subscription service
  2. Andy Robson
    One of the most popular football betting tipsters on Twitter with over half a million followers
  3. James Murphy
    Established and trusted football tipster rates the chances of every World Cup team
  4. Mark O’Haire
    Profitable football tipster with 19 out of 23 profitable months for his WLBGold private members’ service on Telegram
  5. The Football Card Tipster
    Telegram group and Twitter feed that is primarily focussed on yellow and red card markets
  6. Sportinglife.com
    Trusted name featuring a huge amount of World Cup content, an exclusive tournament guide and an impeccable track record
  7. Footballer Tips – Tipstrr
    Football betting subscription service with an average monthly profit in 2022
  8. Betwizards Maxbet
    Top-rated Telegram Football tipsters
  9. Betfair
    World Cup live blog featuring trader insights, market movers and a huge number of betting tips
  10. William Hill
    In-depth team previews for every World Cup team

Best Football Betting Tipsters Reviewed

1. SafeBettingSites Telegram Channel

SafeBettingSites launched their betting tips Telegram channel in 2021, but they have made a big impact in a short space of time. Part of this is due to their impeccable track record, as SBS is the UK’s number one bookmaker comparison site. In addition, they take a lot of the work out of finding reputable football betting tipsters by sourcing expert tipsters with great football betting strategies.

When it comes to the World Cup, punters can expect at least three free daily betting tips through their Telegram channel. And if you become a VIP member, then you will enjoy access to as many as five betting tips each and every day.

SBS Telegram

2. Andy Robson (@AndyRobsonTips)

The first thing to note about football tipster Andy Robson is that he has over 500,000 Twitter followers, which is a real testament to the quality service that he provides. He will be posting daily football tips on Twitter throughout the tournament but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

And that’s because Andy also runs a superb site devoted to wagering on football – andysbetclub.co.uk. The site features betting guides, statistics and a superb range of worldwide football predictions. Ahead of the World Cup, he has also created a stats breakdown for each team, to help with your bets. And we’re also expecting a host of tips during the tournament. And best of all, everything is free of charge!

Andy Robson Tipster Twitter

3. James Murphy (@JamesMurphyTips)

James Murphy has been sharing regular football betting tips with his Twitter followers since 2016 and has built up a following of over 178,000 people. Ahead of the World Cup, he has analysed all of the squads, looking at key players along with potential strengths and weaknesses.

And he should be putting that information to good effect with a host of well-researched daily football tips during the tournament itself.

James Murphy Tipster Twitter

4. Mark O’Haire (@MarkOHaire, @WLBGold)

The fact that Mark O’Haire describes himself as a football betting analyst gives you an insight into the kind of in-depth analysis that goes into all of his football betting strategies. And it seems to be working too as, at the time of writing, Mark is a profitable football tipster with 19/23 profitable months with his private members’ service, which is available on Telegram.

Another good sign is that he can also be found contributing to a variety of podcasts and betting blogs from some of the biggest bookmakers in the UK, including some relating to the World Cup. And we were also really impressed with some of the World Cup statistics Mark has unearthed, which could certainly have a positive effect on that all-important World Cup bankroll!

Mark O Haire Tipster Twitter

5. The Football Card Tipster (@thecardstipster)

When it comes to World Cup betting tipsters, specialising in one specific area such as correct score or football accumulator tips can be hugely beneficial as all of your research can be funnelled towards that particular aspect of a match. This means that you can provide more in-depth analysis than if you were trying to focus on every market at once!

And this is certainly the case with the Football Card Tipster, who only concentrates on, drumroll please, yellow and red card betting markets. Tips are available via Twitter and Telegram. And of course, we’re expecting plenty of World Cup tips centred on card-happy referees and fearsome tacklers!

Football Card Tipster Twitter

6. Sportinglife.com (@sportinglife)

One of the most popular sports websites in the UK also features probably the largest range of betting tips outside of the bookies’ own betting blogs. Specialising in football, racing and golf tips, Sportinglife’s team of tipsters are regular winners. Don’t just take our word for it though, as you can check out an entire section devoted to their tipping record on sportinglife.com, broken down into months, so you can easily see how they have fared.

The site also stands out from the crowd when it comes to World Cup online betting, thanks to its free 2022 World Cup online betting guide, which is full of tips, statistics, analysis and more than 35 best bets. And the sportinglife.com World Cup tipsters will also be on hand throughout the tournament with tips ahead of every match.

Sportinglife 1

7. Footballer Tips – Tipstrr

The name may be strange but the Tipstrr.com site features a huge amount of trusted betting content, such as Footballer Tips. For £29 a month, members can access an average of over 40 football betting tips. And we’d wager (pun very much intended) that there will be even more betting content during the World Cup.

They also have a good recent record, with an average monthly profit of £553 over the last 12 months, at the time of writing. And Footballer Tips also has a comprehensive analysis of its recent results, including a very useful rundown of the types of bets that they have tipped in the past and how successful they have been with each type of wager.

Footballer Tips

8. Betwizards Maxbet

With over 116,000 subscribers, Betwizards Maxbet is one of the most popular Telegram channels that is dedicated to football betting. Furthermore, concentrating exclusively on the Beautiful Game allows them to really stand out from the crowd, and their range of football betting content is excellent.

MaxBet Telegram

9. Betfair (@Betfair)

It’s no surprise that one of Britain’s biggest bookmakers is also leading the way when it comes to World Cup online betting content, with a host of pre-tournament tips, podcasts and a Twitter feed full of World Cup insights.

There’s also a special World Cup section within the Betfair betting blog, where all of this content is housed. And we particularly liked the fact that they also feature tips on markets you might not necessarily have thought about already, such as who will finish third in a particular group. And of course, given that Betfair is the UK’s leading betting exchange, there’s also a useful guide on how to trade during the World Cup.

Betfair World Cup Hub

10. William Hill (@WilliamHill)

No bookmaker has been around for more World Cups than William Hill, so they have certainly had time to perfect their craft! And perfect it they have, with a superb World Cup betting site featuring an overall World Cup betting guide, in-depth previews for each team, match tips and much more!

William Hill World Cup Blog

How to Pick the Best World Cup Football Betting Tipster

Selecting a World Cup football betting tipster may seem like a big ask, but to make your life easier there are certain criteria you can judge them by:

  • Success Rate – Many World Cup betting tipsters are fully transparent when it comes to their win/loss record. And even when it comes to the ones that don’t have this information readily available, you can easily judge yourself by following some of their tips without placing a bet.
  • Transparency – When it comes to their football predictions,being able to check a tipster’s win/loss record is a key consideration for many punters.
  • Cost – Some World Cup betting tipsters are completely free of charge, some charge for their services and some provide a combination of the two.
  • Frequency of Tips – How often a football tipster posts their selections is often a key factor in deciding who to follow. For instance, the best tipsters will post selections for every match of the World Cup.
  • Professional Tipsters – Sourcing the opinion of professional tipsters can be more profitable than those who do their tips “on the side”.
  • Telegram Channel – Telegram is an excellent new way to access World Cup tips and whether a tipster has a Telegram channel or not may also be a key factor in deciding whether they are worth following.

How are FIFA World Cup Football Betting Tips Made?

World Cup betting fans often wonder how World Cup betting tipsters manage to come up with their tips. And it happens in a variety of ways.

Firstly, before they even start their research, the knowledge they have of a particular team may lead them to come up with a specific bet. For example, they may have seen a side score a lot of goals in the past or even remember a particular player that has impressed them over the last few games. From there, it’s all about backing up their theory with some cold hard facts! So, the best World Cup betting tipsters will also be superb researchers in addition to being expert tipsters.

And of course, if a tipster is starting from scratch when trying to come up with a tip for a particular game, such as the correct score or football accumulator tips, impeccable research will also be key.

How Can I Join a Football Betting Tipster?

For many of the recommended World Cup tipsters on this page, accessing their tips is a simple case of heading to their website or following them on Twitter. However, when it comes to Telegram Channels the process is much different, starting with Telegram itself!

Telegram is a messaging service that is similar to WhatsApp. However, what makes Telegram unique is its focus on privacy, encryption, and an open-source API. Instead of giving people your phone number, you can simply give them your username. This gives you better control over what information is out there, and how people can contact you in the future.

Safe Betting Telegram tips

And it has also led to the rise in Telegram betting channels, which offer a unique opportunity for football tipsters to reach out directly to their followers. And if either of the Telegram channels on this page catches your eye, as long as you have Telegram downloaded you can click directly on the link and then “Join Channel”, for immediate access to a host of World Cup football betting content.

Can Football Tipsters be Trusted for World Cup Picks?

People often ask the same question about World Cup betting tipsters that do not charge for their tips. And that’s why would they want to share their insights when it is not directly profitable for them. This then leads to the criticism that many tipsters have affiliations with certain bookmakers and actually make money, not only from people signing up to a site through them but also when they make losing bets. Which results in a lack of trust on the punter’s behalf.

However, if you are taking advice from a reputable football tipster such as the ones featured on this page, or even tips from the many other betting site blogs out there, there is one simple reason why football tipsters can be trusted when you want to bet on the World Cup.

england world cup

And that’s because, even if a tipster is taking a cut of a punter’s losses, it is not in their interest to provide shoddy and ill-researched information, because people will soon realise this and stop following their content. And that is going to be far more detrimental to their finances!

People have also questioned why sports betting sites provide football tips when they make their profits off the back of losing bets. And the answer is that winning punters are hugely important to sportsbooks because they are far more likely to bet again.

Furthermore, providing exceptional football betting tips builds a rapport between the customer and the betting site, which will also lead to loyalty in the future.

Types of Football Tipsters to Avoid

One advantage of free football tips is that you have the option to read the tips and check they are well-researched and provide logical reasons for each selection, beyond a mere “hunch”. And if they aren’t, then that tipster should be avoided at all costs!

If a football betting tipster passes that first test then you should always follow their tips without placing money on them for at least a couple of events, to see how they get on. If they don’t win any bets then you are well within your rights to avoid them in the future.

However, what we would say here is that every tipster goes through highs and lows, so judging them on their results in the short term might be slightly misleading. And as long as you’re happy that their tips are well-researched, then maybe they deserve more of a chance!

When it comes to football tipsters that charge for their services, while a huge number are reputable, we’d advise treading carefully! However, that’s not to say you should avoid them altogether.

There are things you can do to gauge the legitimacy of any football tipster, whether they offer a paid service or not. You can check if they’re affiliated with a reputable site such as Tipstrr, look at the number of followers they have on Twitter, along with any negative reviews. Furthermore, if they have a website, check if it’s well laid out and professional. The warning signs may be right in front of you so it’s important to spot them!

And our final football tipsters to avoid are those who shout “THIS CAN”T LOSE”, “100% WIN RECORD” or something similar. And that’s because as the old saying goes when something looks like it’s too good to be true, it usually is!

How to Follow our Football Betting Tips

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The Bottom Line

As we all get set to enjoy the Qatar football World Cup 2022, our list of the best World Cup betting tipsters will allow you to pick your favourite and hopefully enjoy a winning bet on the World Cup or two! Furthermore, we hope that the information contained in this article can also debunk a few myths surrounding tipsters in general, and reassure you that there are some great tipsters out there, on a variety of channels.


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