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Tennis might not get the attention of football or horse racing, but it’s an absolutely enormous betting market in its own right. A large part of this is due to its year-round nature, which provides a constant stream of gambling opportunities for savvy punters. Actually keeping up with all these is tricky, which is why getting tennis tips on Telegram can be incredibly useful. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about tennis tips on Telegram. We’ll tell you the best groups to check out, explain both the pros and cons of this approach, and plenty more besides. 

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9.4 Tennis Tips on Telegram for UK [cur_year]
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Top 5 Telegram Tips Groups for Tennis

Best Accounts for Tennis Betting Tips on Telegram Reviewed

Perhaps because of its aforementioned year-round nature, there are actually quite a few accounts providing tennis tips on Telegram. We’ve scoured through all of your many options here, saving you the time and trouble of doing so, and identified these as the five best groups you can join. 

1. Tennis Bet Professional – #1 All-Round Account

tennis bet professional home page Some accounts provide betting predictions on a wide range of sports. Tennis Bet Professional, though – as its name suggests – sticks purely to providing tennis tips on Telegram. It’s a combination of this focus, and the quality of the overall channel, that makes it our number one pick here. 

Tennis Bet Professional gives you fresh predictions and analysis more or less every day. Naturally the Slams are prioritised, but the tour events get plenty of attention too, across both the men’s and women’s games. There’s also a nice mix of singles and accas, and – while there is a premium channel – you’re still given plenty of great tips for free on a daily basis. 

2. Tennis Free Tips – Best for Tennis Free Tips on Telegram

tennis free tips home page

As with our previous recommendation, this group’s name makes it clear where the focus lies. While technically it’s focused at Indian users, most of the content on Tennis Free Tips is provided in English, and the quality of this tends to be very high indeed.

This group’s name also tells you another key fact – the tennis tips on Telegram provided here are free of charge. While a VIP package is available, as you’d expect, you’re given a tremendous amount of tips here without paying a penny. These predictions are well-researched, and seem to have a comparatively high success rate too. 

3. Tennis Betting Pro – Highest Quality Betting Picks

tennis betting pro home page

Once again, in Tennis Betting Pro, we’ve managed to turn up a high quality tips account which focuses exclusively on tennis. In this case, technically the tips are provided in Spanish. If you’ve got any experience of betting at all though, you’ll be able to understand which wagers are being recommended with no trouble at all. 

Once again, we were extremely impressed with the amount of content being given away for free here. The standard is sky-high too, with plenty of research clearly having gone into the picks, and the occasional inclusion of in-play picks can be combined well with live tennis streaming. Finally, unlike with similar accounts, you’re not constantly pestered with requests to sign up to a VIP program. 

4. Sensei Picks – Best Player Prop Tips

Sensei Picks home page

Unlike our previous three recommendations, Sensei Picks doesn’t focus exclusively on tennis. Instead, this is a well-rounded account providing tips on the NBA, NFL, football, and more. 

Tennis is still clearly one of the main priorities here though, with Sensei Picks being particularly strong when it comes to the Slams. They’re not afraid to get specific with their picks either, taking informed chances on the likes of Over/Under Games Won, and other player props. Last but not least, Sensei Picks also makes smart use of bots to carry over tips from its other channels, including its Twitter account. 

5. Sports Bet Analyst – Best Track Record

Sport Bet Analyst home page

Like Sensei Picks, Sports Bet Analyst is an all-round account, rather than one which focuses solely on tennis tips on Telegram. Again though, when the Slams roll around – such as the French Open or Wimbledon – tennis becomes a clear priority. At the most recent French Open, for example, Sports Bet Analyst hit on an impressive nine big tips in a row. 

Elsewhere, Sports Bet Analyst has a level of prestige which is rare among Telegram tipping accounts. With over 270,000 subscribers, its claim to be the ‘#1 World Betting Channel’ isn’t too outlandish, and the likes of Luis Figo have gotten involved in promoting it in recent times. 

Who are the Best Tennis Tipsters on Telegram?

As we’ve already touched upon, there’s actually a surprising number of accounts out there dishing out tennis tips on Telegram. While the likes of NBA basketball might be glitzier, for example, it actually has far fewer tipsters focusing upon it. 

With that said, the actual quality of these tennis tips accounts on Telegram is as variable as you would expect. Some constantly spam their feed with rubbish, some stopped being updated months or years ago, and some simply don’t provide very good predictions.

We’ve sifted through all of these many options, so that you don’t have to. And, ultimately, we managed to boil things down to five top accounts for tennis tips on Telegram:

Choosing the Best Channel for Tennis Tips Today

As you can see at the top of this page, we’ve already provided you with a list of the very best groups and channels dishing out tennis tips on Telegram. If you don’t want to go with any of these options though, you’re perfectly welcome to find your own instead. As you conduct your search, we’d recommend bearing these five key questions in mind. 

1 – Are They Trustworthy?

This is the first question you must ask, for any account providing betting tips on Telegram. Technically, the level of risk on your part is low, since you’re not required to provide either money or personal information to simply join a channel. If you’re thinking about signing up for the VIP service, however, you should definitely confirm the legitimacy of the account. Looking for reviews posted by other users, or checking out the age of the account, are two ways in which to begin doing so. 

2 – Are They Proven? 

The whole point of getting tennis tips on Telegram is that they’re supposed to help you make money. As such, you should definitely analyse the quality of the picks before committing to any tipster. 

Most legitimate accounts will not only post their picks, but also regularly report the results of those predictions. Tennis Betting Pro, for example, gives updates of how its picks played out over the prior month. This gives you a great idea of the return you can hope to get by following its advice. 

3 – What are the Costs Involved?

All of our recommended channels give away a decent amount of information for free. Some – like Tennis Free Tips – specialise in this area.

In many cases though, accounts providing tennis tips on Telegram will only dish out some of their predictions in this way. To get access to the full range of picks, you’ll need to pay. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if it’ll help you turn a bigger profit in the long run, but it’s essential that you balance the costs of this VIP service with the returns you’re realistically likely to get. 

4 – How Frequently Do They Post?

An account which goes AWOL during the biggest events of the year – most notably the four Grand Slams – isn’t much good to you. Instead, you need a tipster which will provide you with picks throughout the year, and preferably on a daily basis. 

Thankfully, this is an easy thing to check for yourself. In most cases, you can view a channel free of charge and without needing to join up. Simply scroll up their feed, and have a look at the volume of their updates. 

5 – How’s Their Coverage?

In reality, every account providing tennis tips on Telegram will almost certainly cover the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. Even in these cases though, you want to be sure that plenty of matches are being covered, and that there’s a nice mix of picks with both higher and lower odds. 

The very best tennis tips accounts will go far beyond even this. The men’s and women’s tours continue for much of the year in tennis, and a good tipster will provide you with a constant stream of betting suggestions throughout. 

Best Telegram Telegram Tipster Channel for Your Needs

Even among the highest quality accounts providing tennis tips on Telegram, there’s still plenty of variety. Some specialise in free picks, for example, while others focus on their paid content. Some are newer, younger accounts, while others have more established track records. 

Naturally, you will have your own priorities when it comes to picking which account is best for your own needs. Below, we’ve made recommendations in what we believe to be the five most important categories, which should cover most bettors’ tastes. 

Category Channel
Best Overall Account Tennis Bet Professional
Best Track Record Sports Bet Analyst
Highest Quality Picks Tennis Betting Pro
Best for High Odds Player Props Sensei Picks 
Best Free Tennis Betting Tips on Telegram Tennis Free Tips

Why Join a Channel for Tennis Bet Tips on Telegram?

We’re not here to tell you that getting tennis tips on Telegram is a guarantee of betting success. Like all gambling strategies, it has both its strong and weak points, and won’t be suited to everyone. Below, you can check out the main pros and cons of this approach, to help you make a more informed decision as to whether these accounts will be useful for you. 

Pros of Tennis Tips Accounts

  • Help Your Decision Making

Actually deciding what to wager on is probably the most common hurdle for most sports bettors. A good tennis tipster will remove this mental block for you immediately, recommending competitions, matches, and specific bets. Even if you don’t follow them unquestioningly, this can still provide guidance to your own personal betting picks.  

  • Save You Time

We all know that we should put plenty of effort and research into our betting picks. The problem for many punters, however, is that they simply don’t have time to do so. 

This is another issue which accounts providing tennis tips on Telegram can hope you overcome. If you really are pressed for time, you can simply open up your Telegram app, check the latest picks, and get a corresponding bet down very quickly indeed. 

  • Alert You to Betting Promotions

While it may happen in the future, there are no betting tips accounts on Telegram right now that are big enough to get their own bespoke offers from bookies. That said, many of these accounts will alert you to the latest deals being provided by betting sites, which you might otherwise have missed.

Cons of Tennis Tips Accounts

  • Variable Success Rates

This is the most obvious, and the most important drawback of getting tennis tips on Telegram. As with all betting content, there’s absolutely no guarantee of success if you simply follow these picks, however smart or informed the tipster seems. As such, you should go in with realistic expectations, and – of course – only bet what you can afford to lose.

  • Not All Content is Free

Most experts providing tennis tips on Telegram make money through their VIP programs. While they may give away some information for free, they’ll often push you towards their paid content to get all of their tips. As noted earlier, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you should still factor this additional cost into your considerations. 

How to Join a Tennis Betting Tips Telegram Group

Like most social media platforms, Telegram is incredibly easy to both acquire and start using. In turn, this applies to finding and getting tennis tips on Telegram too. Below, you can check out the few steps you must take in order to join the very best Telegram groups

Step 1 – Create a Telegram Account

telegram download page

Telegram provides both mobile apps and desktop software. In order to use the latter though, you’ll first need to scan a QR code using the former, in order to link your devices together. To get the ball rolling, therefore, you must first acquire the Telegram app. As usual, this can be done using links on the official Telegram website, or by simply searching in the App Store or Google Play, depending on whether you’re using an iOS or Android device. 

Step 2 – Pick a Tennis Tips Group

tennis free tips home page

With a reasonable number of high quality options providing tennis tips on Telegram, this might be the toughest stage of all. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve already provided five top choices at the top of this page. If you’d prefer to conduct your own search instead though, be sure to bear in mind the five questions listed in our ‘Choosing the Best Tips Channel for Tennis on Telegram’ section, which you can see further up.

Step 3 – Join Up

join telegram sports tips group

You’ll almost always be able to look over a tennis tipster’s account on Telegram in advance, before you actually sign up. If it does indeed still take your fancy, you can go ahead and hit ‘Join Button’, which should add you to the group immediately. After that, you’ll be kept up to date with all the latest content. 

Step 4 – Customise Your Settings

telegram notification settings

After the previous three stages you should already be up and running, and regularly receiving tennis tips on Telegram. There are still a couple of tweaks you can make though, to customise the experience to your liking. Notifications, for example, can easily be turned on or off within the group itself, or for the app as a whole within your device’s settings. 

Step 5 (Optional) – Get a Premium Membership

Sport Bet Analyst home page

If you want to get tennis tips on Telegram completely free of charge, there are plenty of accounts out there which will let you do just that. If you’d prefer to get everything a top group has to offer though, you may want to become a VIP user. Doing so will require a payment, usually made using an eWallet or cryptos, with full instructions being provided within the group itself.

Tennis Tips Telegram Channel Rules and Etiquette 

If you’ve ever used social media before – which we’re sure you have – then you’ll know that there are always rules in place about users’ etiquette. A failure to abide by these rules can lead to a warning at the very least, or – in the worst cases – your account being suspended or banned. 

In the case of channels giving out tennis tips on Telegram, you’ll typically find quite few rules in place. Any requirements which are imposed will be found within the group’s description, which is easy to access. The need to be at least 18 is pretty universal, but – apart from that – we’d advise checking your particular group for any other restrictions. 

Elsewhere, Telegram itself has its own terms of service, which all users must abide by. These include bans on spam and scams, the promotion of violence, and so on. If you discover a user or account breaking these rules, you can easily report them to Telegram’s team. 

Telegram Tennis Betting Sites – Final Thoughts

Keeping up with the latest tennis news can be tiring, not just for regular fans of the sport, but for betting too. The internet has gone a long way towards helping with this in general, but – if you’re still struggling – we’d recommend getting your tennis tips on Telegram. The platform itself is quick and easy to use, and there are some seriously high quality accounts out there which can help immensely with your betting.

We’ve listed five great examples in this article, each of which provides great tennis betting tips. All you need to do now is download Telegram, pick one of our recommended tipsters, and start having fun. 

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9.4 Tennis Tips on Telegram for UK [cur_year]
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18+; New bettors get 100% of deposit up to £50; Once per household; Min deposit £15 (no Skrill/Neteller); Wager a total of 8 times deposit + bonus, with max qualifying bet stake equal to your initial bonus amount; Bonus expires after 60 days; Min odds of 4/5 on singles, or 2/5 per leg for acca; Some bet types excluded; Free spins validity: 7 days; Free spins max. winnings = £100; See full terms; Terms apply; 18+


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