Tottenham should stop blaming Berbatov; he didn’t betray them, they failed him!

Dimitar Berbatov came to Tottenham Hotspur believing that he would be part of a new revolution in the Premier League that would shake the established order and lead Tottenham to the Champions League.

In the two years since his arrival, the player has lost faith in Tottenham’s dream and more importantly lost faith in Tottenham’s ability to fulfill that dream.

Everyone blaming Berbatov for showing poor attitude – from Poyet to Ramos to Jonathan Woodgate (the white Gallas) – need to remember that players leave because they think they’ll be better off elsewhere, and if Tottenham can’t convince Berbatov that staying at White Hart Lane is in his best interests, then obviously someone (Levy, Ramos, etc) is not doing their job right.

Betrayal? Not in the right mind? Sorry, just a lack of faith in Tottenham’s ability to be playing in the Champions League anytime soon.