Which Tottenham players would start for Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United?

Are Tottenham players good enough to play for Manchester United? Could a Tottenham player get a start for Arsenal? Would Chelsea want to buy a Spurs player? Can Liverpool’s misfits be replaced by those of Tottenham’s?

Let’s find out.

Tottenham and Liverpool

Lennon would easily walking into Liverpool’s starting 11 (Lennon over Pennant – no contest). Robinson is at the same level (more or less) as Reina, so that doesn’t work. King is the only quality defender at Tottenham and he’d be effective in rotation in Liverpool (King, Carragher and Agger).

In midfield (apart from Lennon), I’d rather play Garcia on the left than Malbranque, and Gerrard, Alonso and Sissoko over Jenas and co. Huddlestone is too young and inexperienced to get into a top-four side.

In attack, Berbatov and Robbie Keane are at the same level (if not better) than Crouch and Bellamy and Kuyt, so if I HAD to choose a combined attack force, here’s my pick:

Kuyt and Robbie Keane, with Berba switching with Kuyt and Bellamy switching with Keane.

First Teamers: King, Lennon, Keane
Rotation: Robinson, Jenas, Berbatov, Malbranque

Tottenham and Arsenal

Lehmann is better than Robinson, Eboue over Chimbonda (flair over dogged persistence, in other words), Toure over Dawson, Gallas over King, Clichy at left-back.

Lennon could still get into this side and would give Arsenal a options on both flanks, although he’s not as good with crossing as you’d like him to be. Jenas and Huddlestone don’t stand a chance in Arsenal’s midfield, and the left flank’s taken too.

Up front, only Robbie Keane would get a look in and that too because of his sheer quality ball skills. Berbatov is better than Adebayour but not good enough for a starting spot.

First Teamers: Lennon, Keane
Rotation: Robinson, Chimbonda, King, Berbatov

Tottenham and Chelsea

King over Boulahrouz in defence (rotation, of course), Lennon on the right, Keane up front. Sound familiar?

Chelsea’s squad does not really need strengthening, except for a right-back, another winger and a quality striker. Tottenham can offer 2 out of 3, so that’s not too bad.

Of course, with Cole and Robben fit Chelsea won’t have space for Lennon, but they’re not always fit and poor SWP hasn’t been good enough to be that 3rd multi-purpose winger. Lennon can fill that role quite easily.

First Teamers: Lennon, Keane
Rotation: King, Berbatov

Tottenham and Manchester United

Lennon (especially once Giggsy goes, but even now) will get in, switching with Giggs and Ronaldo on both flanks. Lennon and Ronaldo on both flanks would give Manchester United a fearful amount of pace (combined with Heinze/Evra on the left flank, and Neville’s experience on the right, Manchester United would be formidable). In defence, King gets the honorary rotation over Brown and Silvestre, while Robinson shades it over Kuzczack on experience. Jenas is a better option than Fletcher, and I’d take Robbie Keane over Saha.

First Teamers: Lennon, Keane
Rotation: Robinson, King, Jenas, Berbatov


I just realised that Defoe didn’t even get a look-in – he’s a good player but perhaps not good enough for a starting spot in any of the top four (except Liverpool maybe 🙂 ).

What do you guys think? Anything you’d change?

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