Tottenham bribe Berbatov to make him stay another year

Someone should teach Dimitar Berbatov how not to embarrass your club when talking to the press. You would imagine that Tottenham, with their swagger and the amount of money they throw at players, should have at least thought of giving their star players some media training but apparently Berba missed that session.

As it stands – Berbatov has ‘committed’ his future to Tottenham, based on a new contract that increases his salary (as Berba proudly claims). This commitment does not mean that Berbatov is here for life – it just says that it keeps him at Tottenham ‘for now’ (as Berba also claims).

Berbatov (talking to Bulgarian Football Weekly):

“I chose to join Tottenham last season, now I’m staying at the club through my own free will. At least for now. There has been a lot of speculation but all I can say is the club’s board have decided to raise my salary.

No one said that United didn’t have interest in me and my price in general but it has to be clear that there will not be a move for now.”

Well, there’s that then. Berba stays, Jol tries to steer them to the Champions League, etc etc. I doubt that Jol will succeed and subsequently I doubt that Berba will stay next season either. But for this year, he stays, and that will make life a lot more interesting in terms of how he performs if he feels that he shouldn’t be at Tottenham, and what impact this will have on Defoe, whose career is pretty much stalled while he’s a 4th choice striker at Tottenham.

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