This Liverpool Fan is a Moron, or why Chelsea and Manchester United’s squad rotation WORKS

Liverpool fans are a funny bunch. Case in point: this article whinging about the *hate* the media has for Liverpool, based on the brilliant insight that Chelsea and Manchester United ALSO rotate their squads, and yet the respective managers get no flak for it.

You MORON! They get no flak for it because it WORKS!

Manchester United and Chelsea both changed their teams for ‘away’ games and came out worthy winners (Chelsea while playing with 10-men for the second half, and Manchester United while playing in second-gear). What’s more, the rotation these managers employ USUALLY works. In other words, the players are good enough / adaptable enough to fit in this system.

And while we’re at it, if it hasn’t been made obvious already, Liverpool’s rotation hasn’t given you guys the results you needed in the league. There’s a reason for that – Liverpool don’t have the match-winners for it, and the manager isn’t aggressive enough to keep up with the Big 3.

Moving on…

I’m sorry Tony, but you were either drunk or playing for the backlash when writing the piece above, and in both cases you deserve nothing less.