The Last Sundance

You may have known that Sunday, May 7th was the last day for English Premiership matches this season, but did you know:

  • Chelsea are 11 points clear of Manchester United, but they have only won two of their last seven away games
  • If Hasselbaink scores in the Fulham vs. Boro game, he will be the first-ever player to score 10 or more goals in eight successive seasons.

  • Newcastle have failed to score 16 times this season (yup, that’s a record for them)
  • Tottenham have already collected more points this season than any other in the history of the Premiership
  • Manchester United are the only away side to keep a clean sheet at Highbury in 2006
  • If the league had begun in October (if you disregard the matches played in August and September), Liverpool would have been champions right now

Amazing stats. A pretty amazing season as well. Blackburn are in Europe (first time since their league win in 95? someone correct me if I’m wrong), Tottenham are a much more convincing 4th placed side than Everton ever were, Arsenal may still end up at 5th in the league, Curbishley and McClaren are leaving their posts (for different reasons), and along with Newcastle, that leaves three top clubs without permanent managers this summer. You can expect a spate of new managers this summer, although one manager whom I wish to see in the firing line is Ferguson.

Three years without a title, and each time we have surrendered meekly in the final stages of the season (losing 2nd spot to Chelsea and Arsenal in the last two years respectively, and failing to win 3 of the last 4 games this year — and if you count 2002’s capitulation which let Newcastle pip us to 2nd spot, it hasn’t been a pretty 5 years).

Come on man — give us something to cheer about, or get the hell out of here.