The Arsenal board are blind idiots

Its the boards fault that Arsenal are stuck in a power struggle. They should have known that with all the foreign investors lining up that there would be interest in Arsenal. They screwed the Arsenal fans on 2 fronts and have nobody but themselves to blame for what’s happening right now.

1, They knew the ITV shares were up for grabs but never made a point of buying them. Why? What did they think would happen to them? If they are so united in their stance against foreign ownership then why did they not buy those shares?

2, Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer! The board are idiots for allowing one of the biggest share holders to flog his shares to anyone he chose. They should never have fired Dein. Hill-Wood said yesterday that the Arsenal board had always known that Dein was a seller. Ok? If that’s the case then what did the board do to ensure that he sold to the right people or even better to them? Nothing! Are the board consolidating their position? NO! Collectively they own less than 50% of the club. There are still a lot of shares out there and the Russian has the money to slowly increase his stake. What are the board going to do once he becomes the majority share holder? Continue to refuse him or his lackey DD access?

I am sorry to say this but the Arsenal board are losing control. And the likes of Arseblog and Gunnerblog and so many others out there can say all they want about how rosy our current board are but I blame them 100% for the situation we are currently in. There should NEVER have been an opportunity for the Russian or the American to buy so many shares. Dammit man, I understand the Dein situation was a little more complicated but the ITV shares to Kroenke?

I seriously do not want Arsenal owned by some scum bag Russian and the fact that he is such a big shareholder already has me worried. The board have a lock down agreement until April. What then?

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