Tevez and Alex Ferguson keep West Ham in the Premiership

There are two reasons West Ham are still in the Premiership.

One is Carlos Tevez – that monster of a striker who has led West Ham’s charge to safety after everyone else had given up on them. West Ham believed, and most importantly, Tevez gave them belief.

The second is Sir Alex Ferguson, whose team selection today was poor, his substitutions more so and a home defeat is no way for champions to go out, although winning the Premiership after 3 years and helping a friend will more than

Congratulations to West Ham for managing a remarkable comeback, and congratulations too to Wigan, who pulled off a real upset by beating Sheffield United at home – sending the team safest in the three-way relegation fight back to the Championship.

Expect Sheffield United to come after West Ham with guns blazing, but right now, it’s all about West Ham’s last day heroics – they kept pushing United back and fought really well.

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