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Features news coverage of Reading and its players, including match reports, transfer rumours and general football news.

Weekend Preview – Arsenal and Chelsea get the tough games

All eyes are peeled for the Champions League draw (done at 1100 GMT today), but with the second-round matches still 2 months away, the...

All-Star Premiership Team: Who’s Your Pick?

Chris over at COS has hit a home-run with his 'Premiership Dream Team' post. The basic premise is this - if you could sign...

Chelsea need to find balance

It is indicative of Chelsea's ill reputation that Jose Mourinho's just concerns about Petr Cech were scorned and his comments on Stephen Hunt criticised...

Chelsea vs Reading – video of Cech and Cudicini injuries

Update: The videos in this post were uploaded on YouTube, and they were 'removed' by YouTube because of a DMCA complaint made by the...

Reading brace themselves for a month-long scrap

Steve Coppell is bright, bright man - he's forged a disciplined team out of the limited talents at his disposal. Readings key strengths lie...

The Soccerlens Oracle – this weekend’s winners and losers

First up - if you haven't already, read Hugo's writeup on who will win La Liga this season. And no, Barcelona aren't favourites. On to...

Manchester United – yes, there are positives from the Reading draw

In protest of Manchester United's shambolic showing against Reading on Saturday 23rd September, Soccerlens refuses to publish a match report. Instead, we'll just bring you...

The Soccerlens Oracle – who will win this weekend?

All the big names are in action this weekend as the English Premiership resumes in what promises to be one of the highest scoring...

Reading who? Manchester United brace themselves for the unknown

Reading? Reading who? Not PC and definitely not respectful, but after losing out to Arsenal at Old Trafford and having a whole week to prepare...