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Weekend Review: Portsmouth on top

You know something is wrong with the world when you wake up hungover and depressed on Monday, and the day gets worse when you...

Premiership Weekend Preview: Tottenham, Blackburn, Newcastle and West Ham all looking to improve their...

All eyes are on Sunday's fixtures when the glitterati take centre-stage - last year's top 8 EPL teams will be playing, and apart from...

Football Transfers – EPL – 2006/2007 – Full List!

Here's a list of all the EPL transfers that happened in the 2006 summer transfer season. Only EPL clubs have been mentioned - if...

Are Tottenham trying to buy a Champions League spot?

Tip: Read the whole article before commenting. If Tottenham manage to reverse their early slump in form and - whisper it - manage to qualify...

Manchester United 5-1 Fulham – Goal Videos

The Premiership weekend is over, and already Arsenal and Liverpool are feeling the effects of being caught unprepared. Chelsea admittedly have the talent in...

Manchester United set the pace with a 5-1 Fulham thumping

Manchester United 5-1 Fulham Man Utd: Saha 7', Pearce (OG) 14', Rooney 16' 64', Ronaldo 19' Fulham: Ferdinand (OG) 40' Arguably, Manchester United had one of the...

Manchester United vs Fulham – Preview

Manchester United vs Fulham (20 Aug 2006) - Match Report