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Detailed coverage of Chelsea football club and its players, including match reports, transfers, transfer rumours, kits and general football news.

We also have sections on Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho (including a dedicated Jose Mourinho quotes page), Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Chelsea players Andriy Shevchenko and Frank Lampard.

Fifa bungles Man-of-Match Awards

While everyone and their brother have been bashing Fifa for their unrealistic 'world rankings' (as if a team ranked 2nd MUST beat every other...

Huth sets sights on Middlesbrough

Gareth Southgate, controversial though his selection as team manager as been, has already had a positive impact on Boro's fortunes. His first signing -...

A new era for Chelsea?

In case you're wondering where the World Cup coverage is, hang on just a little while longer. I've got something massive coming up, so...

Gallas wants respect from Chelsea

I'm not a Chelsea-hater - I really am not. I like Mourinho, and for the record I try to appreciate what Abramovich is doing...

Obi Mikel, Chelsea and Manchester United

A quick lesson in blind journalism for all you folks: Heard about Jon Obi Mikel? You know, that kid Chelsea just signed for 16 mil...

Obi Mikel to Chelsea for 16, Man Utd get 12

Manchester United get 12 million pounds for Obi Mikel, as part of a deal in which Chelsea will be shelling out a total of...

Chelsea transfer machine rolls on

Let's see now... I count 5 concluded transfers, another transfer mooted for this weekend and at least one more to happen this summer. Before I give...

Shevchenko signs for Chelsea, leaves AC Milan

And there you have it. We've been talking about it for two years. Mourinho wants Shevchenko, Mourinho wants Shevchenko. Well now the bloody bastard has got...

Chelsea sign Kalou from Feyenoord

Some quick transfer news before the England v Hungary friendly tonight: Salomon Kalou has finally signed for Chelsea. His is a 3-year contract and the...

Football News Roundup 29-05-06

A very quick breeze through the football news for today: Real Madrid have approached Fabio Capello (again) - with Capello again saying that there was...

Premiership Transfer News (27-5-06)

While the world waits on Sheva, Salomon Kalou on Feyenoord (the striker who could get Dutch nationality) is poised to move to Chelsea. Chelsea's...

Premiership Transfer News Roundup

The 'expected' moves are starting to happen: Arsenal offload Pires to Villareal while bringing in Tomas Rosicky from B. Dortmund. A classy player replacing another...