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Blackburn 0-1 Manchester United: we would have lost last season

On the surface, the team Ferguson's been playing this season is really not that different from the Manchester United team from last season. There have...

Blackburn 0-1 Manchester United: Match Videos

Ferguson called it a gutsy win, and indeed, I think Manchester United would have lost if we had this game last season. In fact,...

Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester United – Preview

Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United, Ewood Park, 17.15 Saturday 11th November 2006. Everybody's talking about Manchester United's loss in the Carling Cup and the 'backlash'...

Blackburn isn’t good enough for David Beckham, no matter what Hughes says

It is not mere coincidence that Mark Hughes was asked the David Beckham question this week, considering that Manchester United visit Ewood Park tomorrow...

The Soccerlens Oracle – this weekend’s winners and losers

First up - if you haven't already, read Hugo's writeup on who will win La Liga this season. And no, Barcelona aren't favourites. On to...

UEFA Cup Coverage: Tottenham, Newcastle, Blackburn and West Ham

Tottenham, Newcastle, Blackburn stand on the bring of UEFA Cup group stages, while West Hap travel to Palermo facing elimination. Previews, scores, match reports...