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Detailed coverage of Arsenal football club and its players, including match reports, transfer rumours, kits and general football news.

We also have sections on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, Arsenal striker Thierry Henry (two legends in football), Cesc Fabregas, as well as all the latest Arsenal transfer news.

Arsenal Fans: Henry was fouled. World: No he wasn’t.

It's really cute how Arsenal fans are saying that we should 'move on' and 'stop living in the past'. These be the same fans...

Henry: I’m not a diver. World: Yeah right.

Seeing the Arsenal captain, legend and top goalscorer Thierry Henry dive last night after he 'ran into Puyol' was a scene right out of...

Henry is a diver? Even angels fall

It was a fascinating match - Spain playing some fantastic possession football but they were met with the class and strength of the French,...

Transfer News During The World Cup

(Updated on 19th June) The search for for United's summer recruits continues, with news now linking Javier Macherano (Corinthians), Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid) and Dida...

Ribery to Arsenal?

Dixon and I talked this morning about Franc Ribery (that Gary Neville lookalike) going to Arsenal - in fact while the media has been...

Fifa ask FA to investigate Arsenal-Beveren ties

From the Guardian: Fifa has officially requested the Football Association to investigate the relationship between Arsenal and Belgian club Beveren. Arsenal fans will shout conspiracy, while...

Football News Roundup 29-05-06

A very quick breeze through the football news for today: Real Madrid have approached Fabio Capello (again) - with Capello again saying that there was...

Premiership Transfer News Roundup

The 'expected' moves are starting to happen: Arsenal offload Pires to Villareal while bringing in Tomas Rosicky from B. Dortmund. A classy player replacing another...

Arsenal Transfer News/Rumours

The first major rumour recently has been the transfer of Sol Campbell to Turkish club Fenerbahce for a fee reported to be in the...

Saturday News Roundup

It seems that I'm not the only one who thinks that Arsenal are bad losers (almost disgraceful considering Henry's class) and nor am I...

Henry signs for Arsenal

... or so they are saying. More as news comes in, but this one looks to be genuine folks. After Henry's "I'm with Mourinho on...

Note to Arsenal – Please stop crying

36 hours on from the Champions League Final, and all that the English-language media can talk about is how Henry blasted everyone on the...