Fantasy Football

This section contains all the articles related to Soccerlens Fantasy Football and other fantasy football competitions. Click here for the best fantasy football team names.

SquadGod Week 4: Waiting on Ronaldo and Rooney

The best thing about the 10 day international break is that star players will get time to heal their injuries. For Liverpool fans, there's...

SquadGod Week 3

A quick look at SL fantasy football and after the first month or so, I think it's clear to say that Taron, a United...

SquadGod Week 2: Suck it up, it’ll get better

Welcome to another edition of our Soccerlens Fantasy Football news update, and the headline just about says it all - if you're sucking (or...

SquadGod Week 1: Our Heroes let us down

Fantasy Football can teach you the harshest lesson in life - that the people you idolise are not as good (or in this case,...

Soccerlens Fantasy Football – Update

I'll make this quick: 1) If you haven't already, sign up for the Soccerlens SquadGod group. There's no 'deadline' (thanks Patrick for clearing it up)...

Soccerlens Fantasy Football – Win a minimum of $1,000

I almost didn't run this, but then I saw that the most popular group at SquadGod had under 300 members and I thought -...