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Lists on everything related to football.

Top 100 Greatest Ever Footballers

It's that time of the year again. The time when a random (ok, let's call it 'well-respected' if you prefer) football publication makes an...

How Big is Your Pitch?

Chris over at EPLTalk has paid someone to put together a list of the pitch sizes in the Premier League - not to be...

Europe’s 10 Most Expensive Benchwarmers of 2007-08

Shevchenko, Podolski, Crouch, Chevantón, Riquelme: these are just a few of the quality players which have been reduced to a benchwarming role in their...

Best Football Kits Of All Time

From the pink jersey donned by Sicilian hardmen to the strip that hid blood on George Best's ankles, The Times has made a selection...

What if football clubs were women?

What if football clubs were women? Who would you pick to represent your club? Inspired from this forum post, I thought I'd make a list of...