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Manchester United Want Torres, But Not Now

Remember Rooney in 2004? Manchester United had been keeping tabs on Rooney after Euro 2004, but had no plans of moving for him that...

The Torres-Manchester United link and what is Myles Palmer smoking?

I admit it - despite being a Manchester United fan I do read Arsenal News Review. Something to do with 'keeping up with the...

Manchester United May Not Buy Ruud Replacement

Ferguson's comments after the Orlando Pirates match on Saturday confirmed what I had first thought: Manchester United could go into the new season without buying...

Who Should Manchester United Sign – Diarra or Vieira?

Rumours are abound that Manchester United will be poaching Patrick Vieira from Juventus. According to the Guardian, sources close to Vieira said on Saturday that...

Manchester United Should Buy Nolan, Hargreaves And Maxi Rodriguez

Now that Nistelrooy is on his way to Real Madrid and Milan are not relegated (meaning that there's little chance of Gattuso moving to...

Manchester United and Nistelrooy Update

Ruud's off, and according to reports from the past couple of days has been seen in and around Madrid talking to Capello's men. Manchester...

Manchester United Play Dodge-The-Ball With Ruud Rumours

First it was the Spanish newspapers, now the Dutch newsies have jumped in by saying that the Manchester United striker had agreed personal terms...

Where Will Diarra Go? Lyon, Manchester United, or Real Madrid?

Do Manchester United even 'want' to be linked with Diarra? After several weeks of claiming interest in the player (to the extent that Ferguson went...

4 Midfielders That Should Play For Manchester United

United Rant has an excellent article in which Rick Ross talks about four young players that would be suitable for plugging the holes in...

Liverpool lose two good players?

It's quite easy to become sentimental about seeing both Hamaan and Cisse leaving Liverpool, although you would be insane to argue that Liverpool have...

Arsenal News – Saviola and Fabregas

Saviola's agent is saying that the player would most likely want to move to Arsenal, and that the decision would be made within this...

Ronaldo Will Stay At Manchester United

It doesn't matter how many people want him to go, or what the English press have been saying about him. It doesn't even matter...