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Cisse’s leg breaks Liverpool’s transfer plans

If the man's injury had not been so horrific (I've seen the pictures) this would have been quite funny. Benitez has gone on record to...

Football Transfer Fee Records

Football transfer fees are always the subject of heated debate. Is a club spending too much? Are they spending too little? Is any player...

Owen Hargreaves for Manchester United?

Rumour has it that Owen Hargreaves fancies a move back to England - another one of those "oh would you like to play in...

Ribery to Arsenal?

Dixon and I talked this morning about Franc Ribery (that Gary Neville lookalike) going to Arsenal - in fact while the media has been...

Gallas wants respect from Chelsea

I'm not a Chelsea-hater - I really am not. I like Mourinho, and for the record I try to appreciate what Abramovich is doing...

Fifa ask FA to investigate Arsenal-Beveren ties

From the Guardian: Fifa has officially requested the Football Association to investigate the relationship between Arsenal and Belgian club Beveren. Arsenal fans will shout conspiracy, while...

Obi Mikel, Chelsea and Manchester United

A quick lesson in blind journalism for all you folks: Heard about Jon Obi Mikel? You know, that kid Chelsea just signed for 16 mil...

Obi Mikel to Chelsea for 16, Man Utd get 12

Manchester United get 12 million pounds for Obi Mikel, as part of a deal in which Chelsea will be shelling out a total of...

Daily News Roundup

Arsenal fans, being arsenal fans, are blaming the recent BBC NewsNight investigation into the Arsenal-Beveren relationship as being part of a conspiracy to get...

Chelsea transfer machine rolls on

Let's see now... I count 5 concluded transfers, another transfer mooted for this weekend and at least one more to happen this summer. Before I give...

Manchester United after Ribery

Franc Ribery, that Gary Neville lookalike (and the next Zidane, apparently), is being chased by Ferguson as the search to beef up United's midfield...

Shevchenko signs for Chelsea, leaves AC Milan

And there you have it. We've been talking about it for two years. Mourinho wants Shevchenko, Mourinho wants Shevchenko. Well now the bloody bastard has got...